English 100 Assignments


ENG 100 Paragraph Assignments

Each paragraph should include

at least 

 five complete sentences. Your paragraphs should  be grammatically correct and adhere to the topics prodvided.

Topic #1

Write one paragraph detailing your experience with formal writing. Include descriptions of writing assignments you have previously completed, classes you have taken, or writing you have done outside of a classroom context. If you do not have any experience with formal writing, describe what you hope to learn in the course and what contexts you think formal writing skills will be beneficial to you.

Topic #2

Write one paragraph describing your favorite college class. Address one or all of the following questions in your description: What topics have been addressed so far? In what context is this class useful? How does this class inform your major area of study?

Topic #3

Describe a recent newsworthy event. Address one or all of the following questions in your description: What was it? Where did it occur? What are the effects of the event? How is this event relevant to your life?

Topic #4

Clearly and simply explain a concept you have been exposed to in one of your courses. Address one or all of the following questions in your description: What is the concept? What is the context in which it is applied? Why is it relevant?

Topic #5

Return to the concept you explained in

Paragraph Assignment #4

. Rewrite this  paragraph in the style of a formal paper. YOU MUST INCLUDE A THESIS STATEMENT!

Topic #6

Write a paragraph as if you are introducing a concept and a theme for further exploration. This is simply an introductory paragraph. You do not need to expound on your concept. Simply explain what it is and why it is important in a formal style.

Topic #7

Write a paragraph in a

 polemical style, i.e., “Cats are superior to dogs.” Your paragraph

should contain

at least two

 components. 1) Your paragraph should include a statement that plainly articulates your argument; 2) Your paragraph should include three statements that corrobora

te your original claim, i.e., “Cats smell better than dogs.”

Topic #8


This course uses a combination of in-class and take-home assignments. In-class assignments happen during regular class hours, and you must be present to complete them. Take-home assignments are due at the beginning of class. Some of them require that you bring a physical copy to class, and some require that you send a computer file by email. I will give you specific instructions for all assignments as we proceed through the course.

  • Essay 1: Plagiarism (take-home) 5%
  • Essay 2: Example (in-class) 10%
  • Essay 3: Comparison (in-class) 10%
  • Annotated Bibliography (take-home) 10%
  • Essay 4: Research (take-home) 15%
  • Final Exam (in-class) 30%
  • Grammar Quizzes (in-class) 5%
  • Reading Quizzes (in-class) 10%
  • Participation/Attendance (in-class) 5%


Grammar Quizzes: This grade reflects how many quizzes you attend. Grammar quizzes happen on Thursdays.

Reading Quizzes: There will be a series of unannounced quizzes that test whether you read and understood the assigned texts.

Essays: The Example, Comparison, and Research essays all happen in two parts. You must complete both parts to get a grade for the essay.


Essay #1: Plagiarism Essay
Length: min. 250 words, max. 1 page (take-home)

Use the brainstorming session you had in class to write a short essay that describes two practical things you can do to avoid plagiarism.


Essay #2, pt1: Outline
Length: 50 minutes (in-class)

Write an outline for your example essay that interprets either Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” or Bruce Cockburn’s “Lovers in a Dangerous Time.” Use the format we discussed in class.


Essay #2, pt 2: Example Essay
Length: 2 hours (in-class)

Expand your outline into a complete essay using the format we discussed in class.


Essay #3, pt1: Opening Paragraph
Length: 50 minutes (in-class)

Write an opening paragraph for your comparison essay using the format we discussed in class.


Essay #3, pt2: Comparison Essay
Length: 2 hours (in-class)

Complete your comparison essay using your opening paragraph.


Annotated Bibliography
Length: 10 entries (take-home)

Write up ten (10) sources in MLA formatting and annotate them by describing (a) their main claim/support, and (b) how the source is appropriate for the Research Paper.


Essay #4, pt 1: Research, Rough Draft
Length: 1000 – 1500 words

Write a rough draft for an essay that makes an argument using research (e.g., the sources you found for the Annotated Bibliography). It must be a complete essay: all five paragraphs.


Essay #4, pt 1: Research, Final Draft
Length: 1400 – 1500 words

Revise your rough draft and, if necessary, expand to fit the minimum word count.


Final Exam
Length: 3 hours

The exam will consist of a Comprehension section (short answers to targeted questions) worth approximately 1/4 of the grade, and an essay worth approximately 3/4 of the grade. (We will go over these details in class.)


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