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Below are the USPTO fees for U.S. patent applications and patents.  The fees below do not include patent attorney fees.  To determine if you are a Large Entity, Small Entity or Micro Entity, see our Small Entity, Micro Entity vs. Large Entity section.  This is only a partial listing of many common U.S. Patent Office fees (see Complete USPTO Fees Here).

A.  Patent Filing Fees.

1.  Original Patent Filing Fees (Base Fees).

Patent Application Filing FeesLarge EntitySmall EntityMicro Entity
Provisional Filing Fee$280$140$70
Utility Filing Fee (Non-Provisional)$1,720$785$430
Design Filing Fee$960$480$240
Reissue Filing Fee$3,160$1,580$790

2.  Additional Patent Filing Fees (If Applicable).

Additional Patent Filing FeesLarge EntitySmall EntityMicro Entity
Claims in Excess of 20 (Per Extra Claim)$100$50$25
Independent Claims in Excess of 3$460$230$115
Petition to Make Special$140$70$35
Accelerated Examination$140$70$35
Prioritized Examination$4,140$2,070$1,035
Publication Fee – Early, Voluntary or Normal (37 CFR 1.18(d)(1))$0$0$0
Other Publication Processing Fee (37 CFR 1.17(i)(2))$130$130$130
Surcharge for Late Filing of Fee or Oath$160$80$40
Recording a Patent Assignment$0$0$0

B.  Patent Prosecution Fees.

1.  Extension of Time Fees for Response to Office Action.

Extension of Time FeesLarge EntitySmall EntityMicro Entity
One Month Extension$200$100$50
Two Month Extension$600$300$150
Three Month Extension$1,400$700$350
Four Month Extension (if allowed)$2,200$1,100$550
Fifth Month Extension (if allowed)$3,000$1,500$750

2.  Request for Continued Examination (RCE).

RCE FeesLarge EntitySmall EntityMicro Entity
Request for Continued Examination (1st)$1,300$650$325
Request for Continued Examination (2nd+)$1,900$950$475

C.  Patent Issue Fees.

Patent Issue FeesLarge EntitySmall EntityMicro Entity
Utility Issue Fee$1,000$500$250
Design Issue Fee$700$350$175
Reissue Issue Fee$1,000$500$250

D.  Petition to Revive Abandoned Patent Application

Revive Abandoned Application FeesLarge EntitySmall EntityMicro Entity
Unavoidable Abandonment$0$0$0
Unintentional Abandonment$2,000$1,000$500

E.  Patent Maintenance Fees.

1.  Patent Maintenance Fees (If Timely Paid).

Patent Maintenance FeesLarge EntitySmall EntityMicro Entity
1st Maintenance Fee (3.5 Years)$1,600$800$400
2nd Maintenance Fee (7.5 Years)$3,600$1,800$900
3rd Maintenance Fee (11.5 Years)$7,400$3,700$1,850

2.  Additional Fees if Not Timely Paid.

Additional Patent Maintenance FeesLarge EntitySmall EntityMicro Entity
Surcharge (Late Payment within 6 Months)$160$80$40
Surcharge After Expiration (Unavoidable)$0$0$0
Surcharge After Expiration (Unintentional)$2,000$1,000$500

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