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Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is a controversial issue that attracts numerous reactions from those advocating and those opposing the vise. The issue regarding whether lesbian and gay marriages attracts heated debate. In the societal setting, certain individuals believe that homosexuality is immoral while gay advocates believe that putting into consideration the sexual preferences of every individual is essential. To the latter group of people, lesbians and homosexuals should have similar civil rights, including marrying anybody, one wishes. This piece presents two sides of arguments regarding pros and cons of gay marriage.

To begin with, advocates for gay marriage argue that denying a couple the right to marry any person of their choice regardless of their sexes is immoral since they are denied some of the basic right. This is because when an individual is unable to marry, there are certain rights that they cannot enjoy. Some of these rights, which only the married couples enjoy that include visitation rights when one partner is admitted in hospital, health care, social security and joint tax benefits.

Sullivan asserts that nevertheless, the fight for equal rights does not essentially focus on the access to benefits only, but rather focus on ensuring that gay and lesbian couples proclaim their love and commitment to one another in a similar manner the heterosexual couples always enjoy. Gay marriage supporters believe that allowing same-sex marriages guarantees the couples some legal and economic security. Additionally, when the government encourages same-sex marriage, it is simply strengthening the relationship between couples.

According to Rauch people against gay marriage affirm the act is immoral, and allowing gay marriages is likely to increase the divorce rates. Besides, those opposing same-sex marriage purport that gays and lesbians are likely to taint the long-standing practice within the institution marriage – that is marriage between different genders. A further argument presented by the proponents of gay marriage stems from the belief that the major purpose of marriage is procreation. Gay marriage does not support this belief; therefore, such couples should not marry. Indeed, homosexual couple’s home is not fit to raise children, even if they adopt a child.

In conclusion, it is evident that gay marriage is immoral. However, both proponents and opponents argue to support their stands respectively. Same-sex marriages deny the couples certain basic rights, which the opposite sex marriages enjoy. Gay marriages do not offer a good environment for bringing up children while marriage between different sexes promotes the long-standing belief of the marriage institution – that is, different gender marriages.

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