Norman Maccaig Brooklyn Cop Essay Topics

In class we have looked at two poems by Norman MacCaig: ‘Hotel Room, 12th Floor’ and ‘Brooklyn Cop’.

Norman MacCaig


‘Hotel Room, 12th Floor’ :  download

‘Brooklyn Cop’ :  download

‘Brooklyn Cop’ – annotated: 

You have been given a choice of practice essays on ‘Hotel Room, 12th Floor’, to be completed and handed in by Friday, November 30th.

You can explore Norman MacCaig and more of his poetry (including the two poems we have looked at) on BBC Bitesize’s Booknotes, though you will need to create an account.  Click HERE.



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Presentation on theme: "‘Brooklyn Cop’ Norman MacCaig. Background The poem, written in 1968, is based on an experience that MacCaig had in America. Brooklyn is a rough district."— Presentation transcript:

1 ‘Brooklyn Cop’ Norman MacCaig

2 Background The poem, written in 1968, is based on an experience that MacCaig had in America. Brooklyn is a rough district in New York. Hieroglyphs are sacred symbols used in Egyptian picture writing, but these are now sometimes referred to as things which are difficult to read. Nightstick is an American policeman’s truncheon.

3 The poem … MacCaig describes the physical appearance of a character from an urban environment. The character’s psychological profile. The character’s urban environment. He writes about the character’s dangerous existence and the violent situations he finds himself embroiled in. He also suggests that the character is just as dangerous as the criminal?

4 Emotions in the poem… Policeman’s emotions created by the danger and tension of his job. He is a frightening character, but he has to be to survive the terrors of city life. Is sympathy felt for both the policeman and his victims? How does MacCaig feel about the use of violence to prevent violence and uphold the law? Irony?

5 Stanza 1 1. What does the opening line tell you about the cop? 2. What do the phrases ‘thick-fleshed’ and ‘steak coloured’ suggest? 3. What could the hieroglyphs refer to? 4. What connotations are suggested by ‘thin tissue over violence’? 5. What aspects of the first stanza contrast with each other?

6 Stanza 1 Summary Describes physical appearance of the cop Brutish, powerful, aggressive Suggests a psychological description by reference to home-life and concerns. Heavy contrast between tough public exterior and domestic, private side of the cop.

7 Stanza 2 Summary Extends the tissue metaphor and explores the results of tearing the tissue – exploration of the urban environment ‘Plunge’ – key word, suggests impulsive and reckless aspects of the cop- instigator? Names of establishments sound sleazy- suggests lack of dignity.

8 Stanza 3 Summary Tone changes and moves from descriptive commentary to reflective. Again gorilla metaphor is extended. “Home” literal and metaphorical meaning. He might not get home or he might lose his humanity through his constant involvement with violence.

9 Stanza 4 Summary Reflective tone continues Suspects/criminals referred to as victims – key to the meaning of the whole poem. Irony of use of violence in preventing violence. Pessimistic tone?


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