04.07 Project Assignment Work Independently Of Each Other

Ortloff - second round! ... together with The Store Designers®

A dream comes true for a designer, being able to plan and develop a stationary shop nowadays.

Even more, as its for one of the most venerable stores in Cologne – Ortloff.

It’s a pleasure for us to support the newly refurbished branch from summer 2017 onwards.

Until then, we still have to build, tinker, glue, decorate and most important keep it up.

… to be continued!!!

Please have a closer look at Ortloff here.


!!!! Lekkerland presents a new concept at the "Handel und Wandel" !!!

Congrats to ESSO Hamburg Bergdorf and ARAL Dalacker Aachen. We want to thank them for their confidentiality and unconditional trust.

For Nathan Catalano, purchasing manager at ARAL Aachen owned  by  Ludwig Dalacker & Sons, the most gratifying, is the reaction of the customers entering for the first time the new shop concept.

Most of them do not expect to find a bakery made of wood and steel within a “usual gas station” Nathan Catalano manages one of the first “ Frischewerk Shops” which has been introduced by Lekkerland as a new shop concept.

The second “Frischewerk” is to be found at ESSO Hamburg-Bergedorf.
Regarding the opinion of Patrick Steppe , CEO of Lekkerkland AG& CoKG
“The image of gas stations has to be changed, to compete with bakeries and convenience stores, reaching out for customers “on the go” .
“our concept is aiming to deal with this change in the most profitable and efficient way”

Lekkerland presented a teaser of its new shop concept at the UNITI Expo in July 2016.

Both test-stores are going to be inaugurated by end-of this year.

Succesfully nominated for the German Design Award Special Mention 2017

We congratulate our client Duisburger Werkstatt für Menschen mit Behinderung gGmbH (WfbM) on winning the German Design Award Special Mention, category Excellent Communications Design Event", for the first fashion show of it's brand esthétique in octobre 2015.

The distinction Special Mention is awarded to works whose design features particulary successful sub-aspects or solutions - an award that honours the commitment of compains and designers.

We are pleased with the WfbM and esthétique about this award and congratulate cordially!

2017 starts in a sporty way! Globetrotter asked us for sales-strategic consulting

The Store Designers® are developing a concept to optimize the foot-wear department in Hamburg.

We always knew, we’re good in swedishness”- at least since our starts a IKEA,
but we have been surprised to see that this knowledge would help us to understand Globetrotter in a much better way.

Fjällräven, owner of Globetrotter is planning in big scale to develop. The Fenix Group has been a well-known partner for Globetrotter until they purchased 20% of Globetrotter beginning of this year, without mentioning any further steps at this point.

Fenix is mostly known in Germany as manufacturer of outdoor brands like Fjällräven and Hanwag, even though the family of the already deceased owner and Swedish outdoor pioneer Ake Nordin, leads the company nowadays.


Unformatted text preview: 04.05 Project Assignment: Work Independently How much do you share on social media? Do you have accounts linked to your computer, phone, and tablet? The average teen spends around five hours per day online, and checks his or her social media account about 10 times each day. When an image or post is shared publicly, some students are surprised at how quickly their information travels across the Internet. The scary part is that nothing online is really private. All it takes is one friend sharing your photo or updates with the public to create a very public viral trend. For this project you will use what you have learned about exponential functions to study what happens if a social media post is shared publicly. Social Sharing Three Algebra 1 students are comparing how fast their social media posts have spread. Their results are shown in the following table. Student Amber Ben Carter Description Amber shared her photo with 3 people. They continued to share it, so the number of shares increases every day as shown by the function. Ben shared his post with 2 friends. Each of those friends shares with 3 more every day, so the number of shares triples every day. Carter shared his post with 10 friends, who each share with only 2 people each day. Social Media Post Shares 1. f(x) = 3(4)x Number of Day Shares 0 2 1 6 2 18 Carter shared his post with 10 friends, who each share with only 2 people each day. Write an exponential function to represent the spread of Ben's social media post. y=2(3)^x 2. Write an exponential function to represent the spread of Carter's social media post. y=10(2)^x 3. Graph each function using at least 3 points for each line. All graphs should be placed together on the same coordinate plane, so be sure to label each line. You may graph your equation by hand on a piece of paper and scan your work or you may use graphing technology. Here Amber is represented by red, Ben by blue, and Carter by green. 4. Using the functions for each student, predict how many shares each student's post will have received on Day 3 and then on Day 10. Justify your answers. Amber Day 3: 3(4)^3=192 Day 10: 3(4)^10=3145728 Ben Day 3: 2(3)^3=54 Day 10: 2(3)^10=118098 Carter Day 3: 10(2)^3=80 Day 10: 10(2)^10=10240 5. If Amber decides to mail copies of her photo to the 45 residents of her grandmother's assisted living facility, the new function representing her photo shares is f(x) = 3(4) x + 45. How does this graph compare with the original graph of Amber's photo share? The new graph vertically shifts up Amber's original graph by 45 units. 6. Based on your results, which students' post travels the fastest? How is this shown in the equation form of the functions? Amber's posts traveled the fastest and this is shown by Amber's equation because the base of Amber's exponential function is 4 and that is greater than Ben's and Carter's who have bases of 2 and 3. 7. If you had to choose, would you prefer a post with fewer friends initially but more shares, like Amber, or more friends initially but fewer shares? Justify your answer with your calculations from previous questions. I would choose to have a post that had fewer friends initially but more shares because with more shares it has a greater base of the exponential function and this will lead to the posts popularity lasting longer. We see this as true if we zoom out on the graph to see that Amber's exponential function is greater than Ben and Carter's; by doing this we also see Amber has the greatest number of shares. ...
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