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‘Describe your hobbies’ A hobby is any activity or interest pursued pleasure or relaxation pursued outside one's regular occupation. It is also mostly referred to as a pastime; it is something that one tends to enjoy. Though hobbies are not money making practices, sometimes an individual can make some money using the same. Hobbies vary from one individual to the other since they are ones choosing. A person chooses a hobby that is fulfilling. Some people’s hobbies are also professions to others. Below is a description of my hobbies. Being an outgoing person, I enjoy doing a lot of things. Lately, I have put all my effort in physical fitness. Because of this I engage…show more content…

Travelling involves meeting with a lot of people thus making new friends has become my hobby too. Just like I had said earlier I am outgoing, thus; my diary is full of addresses from the friends I meet, either travelling working or even when I am just hanging around. Another of my pastimes is reading. I love literature, and I bet that is why I cannot avoid reading. I like reading books, magazines, comics, newspapers and even internet. About books, I like inspiration plus historical books. Inspiration books help me to carry on with life when faced by difficulties while, through the historical books, I get to learn of past events. A newspaper is something that I cannot go a day without reading. I like daily newspapers since they keep me updated day in day out. Through the internet, I read international newspapers and also learn many other exciting things. How would life be without doing the things I enjoy doing? Skipping, swimming, playing video games, darts, dice games, travelling, photography, and reading are the things that when I do lifts my spirit. Hobbies determine a person, and anybody without a hobby is not complete. Who does not have something he/ she enjoys doing a part from career? I am who I am thanks to my hobbies. They are part of me. They define me, and yes the above are my hobbies. Work cited
P. Deane, Hobbies and Interest. London: MacMillan, 1982

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Outside of work, I participate in a variety of activities and hobbies. These activities provide me with the opportunity to learn, take on challenges, and have fun. In addition, I believe my hobbies allow for relaxation and inner growth.

I enjoy learning new information through reading, surfing the Internet, watching television, and shopping. From the breaking news in Iraq to the latest gift catalog from World Vision, the Internet has become one of my major resources to get updates on the world. My most recent interest is in learning HTML code to enhance my newly created web page on Aloha Tower Marketplace with flash and graphics.

Shopping is another activity that I frequently do outside of work. To most people, shopping is a routine and necessary activity that involves going to the supermarket for dinner, buying a new sweater at Macy’s for the upcoming winter, or picking up the latest Harry Potter book in Barnes & Noble for a nephew’s birthday.

To me, however, shopping is a pleasurable activity, as well as a chance to observe market trends. To a marketer for a shopping mall, understanding the competition is very important.

I also like to watch stage shows or go to the movies on the weekends. My favorite stage show is “Once Upon One Time,” a musical written in Pidgin by a local playwright, Lisa Matsumoto. It is a fusion of many famous tales of Hawaiian culture and life.

From various shows, I have learned to appreciate the incredible art of theater and recognize the efforts in place to protect Hawaiian culture. I prefer stage shows to movie productions because the stage leaves more to the imagination and the audience can interpret the themes.

Along with indoor activities, I like to spend time outdoors when my schedule allows. I regularly challenge my fear of heights by hiking to the peaks of mountains to enjoy the fresh air and terrific scenery. Whether choosing a hobby or a job, my goal is always self-improvement, the same as my goals in life.

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