Henrik Dahlgren Remium Assignment

Fault-based automatic test generator for linear analog circuits

Authors: Naveena NagiComputer Engineering Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
Abhijit ChatterjeeSchool of Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Ashok BalivadaComputer Engineering Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
Jacob A. AbrahamComputer Engineering Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
1993 Article
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ICCAD '93 Proceedings of the 1993 IEEE/ACM international conference on Computer-aided design
Pages 88-91

Santa Clara, California, USA — November 07 - 11, 1993
IEEE Computer Society PressLos Alamitos, CA, USA ©1993
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May 26, 2000 ... Louis Savlov. Ibolya Schmerz. LEADERSHIP SINAI MEMBERSHIP .... Mr. Joseph Gorog. Ms. Mabel Gourlay. Mr. John W. Grand. Mr. Mendel M.

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ANNUAL REPORT 1 999-2000 A M ES S AG E F RO M T H E C H A I R O F T H E B OA R D A N D T H E P RE S I D EN T Mount Sinai Hospital has worked hard to build a reputation for innovation, excellence and patient care. That sterling reputation — coupled with the many recent enhancements we made to the hospital — are among the reasons demand for our services is increasing. We recognize that access to care at Mount Sinai is a vital issue for us all. Our goals are to continue to improve efficiency and increase our capacity to serve patients and deliver the highest calibre of health care possible. This will entail ongoing physical expansion and renovations to the hospital, innovation through research discoveries, and collaboration with our academic health partners and the hospital community as a whole. Meeting the above goals will remain a challenge in today’s tight fiscal environment. The hospital can certainly expect to see many more changes in the next few years as we extend our programs and services into new fields of practice. Donations serve as the biggest impetus in bringing about this kind of change. While we celebrate the success and achievements of The Best Medicine campaign, we must also acknowledge that the need for continued fundraising has never been greater. The buoyant economy over the past year helped create an ideal climate for philanthropy. Between the new rules around capital gains reduction on gifts of stock and the dynamic stock market, many of our donors gave more generously than ever before. We plan to continue to build on this momentum. The campaign has allowed us to address many of the immediate needs of the hospital. Now the time has come to develop ways of securing the institution’s long-term financial future. Over the course of the next few years, we hope to build a substantive endowment for research at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute. All of us look forward to continuing our efforts in support of Mount Sinai Hospital and its goal of providing the best patient care, teaching and research — in other words The Best Medicine.

Lloyd S.D. Fogler, QC, Chair, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Nicholas Offord President, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto

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The accompanying summarized balance sheet and summarized statement of revenue, expenditures and capital are derived from the complete financial statements of the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto as at March 31, 2000 and for the year then ended on which we expressed an opinion without reservation in our report dated May 26, 2000. Our responsibility, in accordance with the applicable Assurance Guidelines of The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, is to report on the summarized financial statements. In our opinion, the accompanying summarized financial statements fairly summarize, in all material respects, the related complete financial statements in accordance with the criteria described in the Guidelines referred to above. These summarized financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by generally accepted Canadian accounting principles. Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes. For more information on the Foundation’s financial position, results of operations and cash flows, reference should be made to the related complete financial statements.


Chartered Accountants Toronto, Canada May 26, 2000

As at March 31, 2000

Cash Accounts receivable and deposits Investments – at cost Loans to Mount Sinai Hospital Capital Assets – net

2000 $

1999 $

938,490 198,864 46,160,142 2,502,269 236,418 50,036,183

359,209 36,934 31,141,980 20,300,000 230,913 52,069,036

15,164,823 902,970 16,067,793

20,983,414 913,709 21,897,123

33,968,390 50,036,183

30,171,913 52,069,036

LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Funds held under administration



1999 $

25,900,579 5,872,286 31,772,865

21,975,659 3,805,882 25,781,541

2,345,837 163,168 152,003 995,970 495,405 482,232 4,634,615

2,166,637 190,323 135,515 1,223,934 489,996 389,254 4,595,659

27,138,250 23,316,773

21,185,882 20,965,736





(25,000) 33,968,390

(1,238,000) 30,171,913

REVENUE Bequests, donations and contributions Investment income

EXPENDITURES Salaries and benefits Professional and consulting fees Office equipment & maintenance General & administrative expense Direct Marketing Events

Excess of revenue over expenditures before grants Grants Excess of revenue over expenditures for the year Balance of capital Beginning of year Add (deduct) Distribution for joint programs with University of Toronto Balance of capital - End of year



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As at March 31, 2000 Apotex Chair in Molecular Oncology Sydney G. Frankfort Chair in Family Medicine* Bernard I. Ghert Family Foundation Chair in Orthopaedics* Koffler Chair for the Director of Research Marvelle Koffler Chair in Breast Research* Temmy Latner / Dynacare Chair in Head and Neck Oncology* Sam and Judy Pencer Family Chair in Diabetes* Heather M. Reisman Chair in Perinatal Nursing Research (Joint program with the University of Toronto, Funds are matched by U of T) Rubinoff / Gross Chair in Orthopaedic Oncology* Cecilia and Raymonde Sacklyn Chair in Applied General Psychiatry* Anne Tanenbaum Chair in Molecular and Developmental Biology Sandra and Lionel Waldman Family Chair for the Physician-in-Chief*

As at March 31, 2000 $ 1,623,111 1,000,050 400,000 370,057 1,000,000 1,429,122 1,009,611

688,706 635,104 550,018 1,108,727

Irving R. Gerstein Research Fellowship in Cancer Norm Hollend Fellowship in Oncology Research Hy Isenbaum Research Fellowship in Oncology David McColm Fellowship in Lung Cancer Research

$ 401,346 429,208 401,247 401,247 1,633,048

GRANTS As at March 31, 2000 $ 7,302,566 1,151,652 8,454,218

General research grants Research and Clinical Fellows

Building program and capital equipment


Grants donated for specific purposes

888,969 23,316,773

183,330 9,997,836

* Matched by the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto

MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL FOUND ATION OF TORONT O AND UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO FELLOWSHIPS As at March 31, 2000 The Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto has established the following joint programs with the University of Toronto to benefit those graduate students who are working at Mount Sinai Hospital and are in need of financial assistance. MSH Foundation

100,000 50,000

U of T Matched Funds $ 200,000 100,000

$ 300,000 150,000

25,000 102,610 100,000 153,673 1,000,000 350,000 76,800 333,333

50,000 205,220 200,000 307,346 2,000,000 700,000 153,600 666,666

75,000 307,830 300,000 461,019 3,000,000 1,050,000 230,400 999,999

100,000 $2,391,416

200,000 4,782,832

300,000 7,174,248

$ Canada Life Assurance Company Fellowship in Medical Research Bernard I. Ghert Fellowship in Psychiatry Government of Ontario/Mount Sinai Hospital Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology at the University of Toronto Malka and Al Green Fellowship in Psychiatry Halbert Family Graduate Studentship Fund for Breast Cancer Research Bernard Ludwig Graduate Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute Graduate Student Fellowships The Bank of Montreal Graduate Fellowships in Medical Research Judy and Samuel Pencer Fellowship in Psychiatry Dr. Eliot A. Phillipson - Department of Medicine Fellowships The Richard Venn and Carol Mitchell Graduate Student Fellowships in Women's Health Research

Total Fund



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Max and Anne Tanenbaum Endowment Fund for Research Penny Tramiel Endowment Fund for Cancer Research

As at March 31, 2000

Endowment Funds less than $10,000 are not listed in this report. The total of endowment funds less than $10,000 is $1,377,465. New endowment funds may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000.


$250,000 AND UP

Berman Family Foundation Endowment Fund 369,133 S.C. Cooper Sports Medicine Endowment Fund 287,348 George and Golda Fine Endowment Fund For Research in Molecular Immunology and Neurobiology 335,296 Endowment in Obstetrical Anaesthesia 205,370 First Marathon Inc. Research Endowment for Molecular and Developmental Biology 276,982 Albert and Temmy Latner Family Foundation/ Mount Sinai Hospital/Sarah Herzog Memorial Hospital Joint Program 530,553 Samuel Lunenfeld Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund 8,216,927 Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary Research and Education Fund 1,727,933 Julius Revich Endowment Fund 628,049 Frances and Rossi Rosenthal Family Endowment Fund for Medical Research 452,706 Tanna H. Schulich Endowment Fund for Cancer Research 274,933 Albert D. and Gary L. Segal Endowment Fund 525,068 Harold Tanenbaum Endowment Fund for Medical Research 288,016 Mark and Stephanie Valentine NICU Fund for Excellence 500,000 Saul Wagman Endowment Fund for Medical Research 266,684 Larry and Marla Wasser Endowment Fund 536,810 15,421,808


$100,000 TO $249,999

Samya Moranis Chris Lectureship Fund Esther and Jack Cole Endowment Fund for Cardiology Research Freeman Family Foundation Endowment Fund for Endrocrine Oncology D. H. Gales Directorship for the Surgical Skill Centre Jay and Barbara Hennick Endowment Fund for Medical Research Sidney Liswood Endowment Fund Fred A. Litwin Centre for Cancer Genetics Earl Mandell Endowment Fund for Medical Research Fay and Lou Mendelson and Ben Mendelson Endowment Fund Minnie Nisker Endowment Fund for Cancer Research J.C. Oelbaum Endowment Fund for Medical Research PetroCanada Young Innovator Award Programme Philip Smith Endowment Fund for Research Nathan and Toby Starr Endowment Fund for Research in Mental Retardation 46

137,577 177,695 200,000 106,706 105,688 114,642 150,000 114,642 229,633 116,458 129,524 104,850 114,642 114,773


102,585 122,217 2,141,632

$50,000 TO $99,999

Dr. David R. Bohnen Endowment Fund for Research (Established by Resolution of the Board of Directors) 57,321 Dr. Martin Breitman Research Fund 50,588 Chan Yin Yuan, Chan Veng Jun and Family Endowment Fund 72,028 Louis and Molly Chesler Endowment Fund 66,578 Ruth and Harry Davis Endowment Fund 73,058 William and Celia Eisenberg Endowment Fund 71,962 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fish and Daughters Endowment Fund for Medical Research 57,596 Albert and Myra Gallander Endowment Fund for Kidney Research 61,946 Samuel and Freda Gotfrid Endowment Fund for Medical Research 56,473 Harold and Miriam Green Research Endowment Fund 51,294 Paul Grylak Endowment Fund in Memory of Wife Leah 53,213 Frank H. Guest Endowment Fund 55,178 Samuel Lunenfeld Charitable Foundation 50,070 Hugh Mappin Endowment Fund for Pancreatic Disease Research 66,758 Morton Mendelson Endowment Fund for Research 51,433 Millie Merkur Endowment Fund for Research 79,671 Nursing Education Endowment Fund 55,383 Edwin J. Pivnick Endowment Fund for Medical Research (Established by Resolution of the Board of Directors) 57,321 Irving Pustil and Louis Weinstein Endowment Fund for Diabetes Research 99,518 Renee Reichmann Endowment Fund for Nursing Education 98,872 Theodore and Florence Richmond Endowment Fund for Medical Research 59,096 Henry S. Rosenberg, Q.C., Ph.D. Endowment Fund (Established by Resolution of the Board of Directors) 57,321 Sadowski and Davies Endowment Fund 53,127 Max and Lena Sharp Endowment Fund 63,053 Gertrude and David Sher Endowment Fund 87,668 Sala and Pinkus Tepper Endowment Fund 57,053 Clare and Gerald Turner Endowment Fund 55,448 Ben Ulster Fund for Research in Cardiology 57,411 West Family Endowment Fund for Cancer Research 52,242 1,828,680


$25,000 TO $49,999

Gurston S. Allen Endowment Fund (Established by Resolution of the Board of Directors) Jennifer Ivey Bannock Endowment Fund Eva and Mary Barrer Endowment Fund Barbara Berger Memorial Endowment Fund Harold and Esther Berk Endowment Fund for Medical Research Marie Berris Research Fund


28,660 31,335 29,165 28,660 33,124 35,238

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Morley Binstock Endowment Fund for Cancer Research 25,876 Boccia Family Endowment Fund 28,660 Eugene and Alice Boccia Endowment Fund 28,365 David and Lois Buckstein's Children Endowment Fund for Medical Research 46,832 Cardiology Research Fund 39,209 Muriel Carlen Endowment Fund 34,792 Jerome S. Cooper Leukemia Research Fund 39,319 Senator and Mrs. David A. Croll Endowment Fund 31,922 Jack and Sophia Ellis Endowment Fund 28,660 Jack and Valerie Fine Endowment Fund 29,884 Fogler, Rubinoff Endowment Fund in Honour of Lloyd S.D. Fogler, Q.C. 26,554 Lillian and Harry Freedman Endowment Fund 45,856 Jacob and Dorothy Hendeles Foundation Fund 37,472 Fannie and Saul Hertzman Endowment Fund 30,173 Charles and Molly James Endowment Fund 48,896 Barney Joseph Endowment Fund 28,660 Adam Karpen Endowment Fund 26,927 Eva Kimel Endowment Fund 25,833 The Libman Family Endowment Fund for Medical Research 33,474 Joseph M. Lubotta Endowment Fund 30,983 Bernard Ludwig Fellowship in Maternal/Fetal Medicine 29,003 Nikki McMaster Endowment Fund 30,650 Louis and Sarah Neveren Endowment Fund for Medical Research 35,786 Miriam Neveren Endowment Fund for Medical Research 35,786 Howard L. Orfus Endowment Fund 36,000 Edwin J. and Charlotte Pivnick Family Endowment Fund 42,339 Dr. Alexander Relle Memorial Lecture Fund 31,209 Sam and Luba Richardson Endowment Fund 33,555 Samuel and Ethel Roher Endowment Fund for Medical Research 30,569 Belle and Harry Rotenberg Endowment Fund 28,774 Harry Rotenberg Endowment Fund for Medical Research 45,856 Joseph J. Schiffer and Dr. Irvine Schiffer Exchange Program in Oncology (Joint exchange program totalling $35,000 in association with Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation) 32,526 Ben and Vera Walker Endowment Fund for Research 28,691 Florence Winberg Endowment Fund 29,562 Jerold and Gayle Winter and Family and Motorcade Industries Limited Endowment Fund for Crohn's and Colitis Research 26,008 Louis Yolles Endowment Fund 33,367 Rayzel Zuckerman Endowment Fund for Cancer Research 29,052 1,413,262


$10,000 TO $24,999

Susan Anne Adams and Andrew W. Levine Endowment Fund for Surgical Research Agnew Pecham and Associates Endowment Fund in Honour of Dr. G. Harvey Agnew Dr. Dominick Amato Endowment Fund Larry Andreansky Endowment Fund

12,148 12,611 14,297 12,585

Pearl and Samuel Bacher Endowment Fund 10,151 Rose and Percy Banks Endowment Fund 12,873 Dr. Alan and Leah Bassett Endowment Fund 13,010 Gitel Bergman Scholarship Fund 22,928 Anne and Joseph Black Endowment Fund 18,265 Mary and Sydney Blinick Endowment Fund 11,499 Anne and David Brill Endowment Fund 18,343 Pearl and Louis S. Brody Endowment Fund 10,867 Lillian and Tom Cash and Family Endowment Fund 11,464 Dr. Joshua J. and Henrietta Chesnie Endowment Fund for Cardiology Research 20,399 Charles Cloth and Mary Spears Fund for Cancer Research 13,004 Essie and Arthur Cohen Endowment Fund 14,737 Gwen and Chauncey Cohen Endowment Fund 15,477 George A. Cohon Family Endowment Fund 11,464 Shelby Draper Endowment Fund for Cancer Research 11,559 Judith Lynne Duckman Endowment Fund for Colon Cancer Research 10,838 Ruth Easser Psychiatric Endowment Fund 23,355 Selma and David Eisen Endowment Fund 17,408 Empire Forest Hill Lodge Endowment Fund 17,227 David Epstein Endowment Fund 11,464 Dr. Joseph Fenton Endowment Fund 11,634 Harry and Freda Fogler Endowment Fund 21,505 Ida And Sollie Fox Endowment Fund 16,649 James M. Frank Endowment Fund for Cancer Research 18,214 Ruth and Irving Frisch Family Endowment Fund 13,568 Garbe Family Endowment Fund 17,876 Goldie Gasner Endowment Fund 21,649 Carol and Percy Gitelman Endowment Fund for Family Medicine 12,207 Samuel and Sarah Glassman Endowment Fund 13,572 Ronald and Charlotte Glick Endowment Fund 10,022 Sidonie Goldstein Lectureship on Sepsis 13,609 Ellen Goodman Endowment Fund for Research 18,724 Lillian and Sydney Goodman Endowment Fund 10,245 Senator Jerry and Mrs. Carole Grafstein Breast Cancer Research Fund 13,404 Abraham and Malka Green Arts and Crafts Endowment Fund 11,398 Jack Gringorten Endowment Fund for Heart Research 11,473 Morris Gross Family Endowment Fund for Medical Research 23,638 Fred Grossman Endowment Fund 17,383 Helen Grossman Endowment Fund 17,311 J. George Gruber Endowment Fund 13,642 Julie Hanson Endowment Fund for Colon Cancer Research 15,890 Caroline Harris Endowment Fund 11,464 Jack and Emily Hayward Endowment Fund 12,142 Joseph Herman Endowment Fund for Surgical Research 11,780 Gertrude Herszzon Endowment Fund 11,464 Jack and Saul Hertzman and Harry A. Stone Endowment Fund 19,287 Benjamin and Anita Hutter Endowment Fund 10,275 Irving and Mina Ingber Endowment Fund 10,403 Albert Jaffey Endowment Fund 17,437 Dr. David A. Jordan Endowment Fund 14,098 Isaac and Sarah Kaufman Endowment Fund 12,284



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Joseph and Joel Kerbel Endowment Fund Norman and Ellin Kert Endowment Fund Shirley and Hughie Kline Endowment Fund Harry Korzen Endowment Fund for Oncology Research Sigmund Kuperstein Endowment Fund for Medical Research Maryann Lawrence Bursary Fund for ICU/CCU Jerry and Betty Lefkovitch Endowment Fund Jacob, Sara, Murray and Adrienne Levinter Endowment Fund for Research Lou Lokash Endowment Fund David M. Lubotta Endowment Fund in Honour of His Bar-Mitzvah Harry Marcus Endowment Fund Olga and Sam Meister Medical Research Fund Jack Melman Endowment Fund for Palliative Medicine Dr. Morris Mannuel and Mrs. Rita Cecille Mink Endowment Fund for Heart Research Eunice and David Mouckley Endowment Fund for Research Allan Noble Endowment Fund George and Esther Novak Endowment Fund Russell Alan Ogus Endowment Fund for Psychiatric Research Samuel Orfus Endowment Fund for Research Kevin Samuel Paris Endowment Fund for Neonatal Research Jess and Ingrid Pennelli Endowment Fund Jacob Perlman Endowment Fund Dora and Sam Prince Family Endowment Fund Morris Prousky Endowment Fund Ida Ragals Research Fund Norman and Rae Rebick Endowment Fund Joel and Jill Reitman Endowment Fund Edward I. Richmond Endowment Fund Bessie and Ron, Cynthia, Dylan and Myles Rosenthal Endowment Fund Adele Ross Endowment Fund Stanley and Tanya Rossby Endowment Fund Louis and Minnie Rotenberg Endowment Fund Lanny Salsberg Memorial Fund Jennie and Sol Frank Samuels Endowment Fund Leo and Ruth Schacter Endowment Fund for Research Samuel and Helen Schacter Endowment Fund Charlotte Schwartz Endowment Fund for Medical Research Irving and Eva Seligman Endowment Fund Shirley Shaul Endowment Fund Samuel V. Shefsky Endowment Fund for Diabetes Research Lynn & Skip Sigel Emergency/Trauma Department Special Fund Malack and Esther Simlevitz Endowment Fund Murray L. Simon Orthodontic Endowment Fund Isla and John Slavens Endowment Fund Sara and Leonard C. Smith, Q.C. Endowment Fund Social Work Department Endowment Fund Susan Sorokin Endowment Fund for Nursing Education Speedy Muffler King Endowment Fund 48

24,710 13,085 10,265 12,782 11,464 13,037 10,823 21,043 15,771 11,464 11,715 15,131 16,129 13,540 11,261 10,452 17,643 17,335 10,318

Dr. Sidney Starkman Endowment Fund 10,457 Norman B. Stein Endowment Fund 11,742 Max and Freda Steinberg Endowment Fund 12,504 Philip and Pearl Stone Endowment Fund for Research 11,733 Charles Taylor Endowment Fund 10,000 Eleanor and Burnett Thall Research Fund 11,606 Florence and Harry Topper Endowment Fund 17,588 Andrew Tuvel Endowment Fund 10,600 Andrew Tuvel Medical Oncology Research Fund 15,934 Irwin A. Wallace Endowment Fund 11,464 Dr. Irving and Margaret Wayne Research Endowment Fund 12,737 Anne and Leon Weinstein Endowment Fund 18,884 Moshe Joseph Weisfield Endowment Fund 14,330 Grace Weiss Endowment Fund for Oncology Research 19,700 Sarah and Morry Wingold Endowment Fund for Research 14,330 David A. Wodlinger Endowment Fund 19,562 Annette (Denny) and Cecil Yolles in Honour of Mary and Samuel Yolles Endowment Fund 12,060 Jack E. Young Endowment Fund 16,353 Eliezer and Itta Zeisler Endowment Fund for Heart and Stroke Research 11,275 Carole Herman Zucker Endowment Fund 12,212 1,767,029 Endowment funds: Less than $10,000

12,490 22,950 13,196 11,621 16,073 12,059 21,954 10,000 12,456 20,611 18,085 11,576 20,062 10,509 10,234 12,892 13,476 11,467 24,047 13,093 24,041 11,915 11,464 15,545 15,113 10,479 11,464 11,434 11,464


1,377,465 23,949,876

PLEDGE P AYMENTS AND DONATIONS (Cash or equivalent receipted April 1, 1999 through March 31, 2000)

$1,000,000 AND UP Sydney G. Frankfort The Murray Koffler Foundation Samuel Lunenfeld Charitable Foundation Ellen and Martin Prosserman Family Foundation Isadore and Rosalie Sharp

$250,000 TO $999,999 Albert and Temmy Latner Family Foundation/Dynacare Inc. Rachel M. Flood The Freeman Family Foundation The Marvelle Koffler Foundation Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary Cecilia and Raymonde Sacklyn Dr. Anne Tanenbaum Mark and Stephanie Valentine

$100,000 TO $249,999 Apotex Foundation Inc. Bank of Montreal Henry and Esther Bernick Lawrence and Frances Bloomberg Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce


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First Marathon Securities Ltd. The A & B Fogel Foundation D.H. Gales Family Charitable Foundation The Gertner Family Charitable Foundation The B.I. Ghert Family Foundation Imperial Oil Charitable Foundation The Richard Ivey Foundation The Fred A. Litwin Family Foundation Novopharm Ltd. Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman The Saul A. Silverman Family Foundation The Waldman Family Judy Wells Inc. Anonymous (1)

$50,000 TO $99,999 The Bank of Nova Scotia Brant Trade and Industrial Park Inc. Bregman Families The Edward Bronfman Family Foundation Commerical Union Life Assurance Company of Canada The Sydney and Florence Cooper Foundation Suzanne Ivey Cook Danier Leather Inc. Willie and Mildred Fleischer Charitable Foundation Lloyd S.D. and Gladys Fogler The Bertrand Gerstein Family Foundation The Frank Gerstein Charitable Foundation Goldman Sachs Canada George D. and Kay Goldlist The Miriam and Harold Green Family Foundation Richard Sullivan Hallisey Robert Rubinoff and Family Janssen-Ortho Inc. The Jack and Buschie Kamin Foundation Philip B. Lind Judson Martin Olympia & York Properties Inc. PC DOCS Group International Inc. Petro-Canada Jonas J. Prince Royal Bank of Canada Charitable Foundation The Seymour Schulich Foundation The Lawrence Tanenbaum Family Charitable Foundation Toronto Dominion Bank Irving Ungerman Ltd. Warner-Lambert Canada Inc. Anonymous (1)

$25,000 TO $49,999 Amalgamated Transit Union The Brooke Foundation Roel C. Buck C.A. Delaney Capital Management Ltd. Cara Operations Limited Davies, Ward & Beck The Equitable Trust Company Firm Capital Corporation Gordon and Ena Garmaise

Glaxo Wellcome Inc. Abraham and Malka Green Charitable Foundation Rob Grundleger Jack Gwartz The Harweg Foundation Jay Hennick Hip Hip Hooray Howard Holdings Corporation HSBC Bank Canada The McLean Foundation MDC Communications Corporation The Molson Companies Limited New Style Group of Companies Samuel and Bessie Orfus Family Foundation Nancy V. Pencer Pharmacia & Upjohn The Carol and Morton Rapp Foundation Kenneth Rotenberg The Albert D. and Gary L. Segal Charitable Trust SensorMedics Corporation Wayne and Christina Siu The Philip Smith Foundation Howard Smuschkowitz Louis A. Strauss The Stupp/Cohen Families Foundation Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Michael Wekerle Harris Wetstein Estate The Max and Beatrice Wolfe Charitable Foundation Zeneca Pharma Incorporated

$10,000 TO $24,999 Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. Artex Precast Limited Asia Pacific Lifts (Canada) Ltd. Bank of Montreal - Fountain of Hope Bakham Holdings Ltd. Edward Bekhor Dennis Bennie BioChem Pharma The Norman Black Foundation Boulder Management Inc. Bradscot (MCL) Management Ltd. Brampton Brick Limited The Canada Life Assurance Company Canadian Tire Corporation Limited Cassels Brock & Blackwell Clarica Life Insurance Group Corporate Assets Inc. The Beverley and Samuel H. Cohen Family Foundation Counsel Corporation Cranbrook Glen Enterprises Limited Crawford Metal Corporation Elaine Culiner John H. Daniels The Delaney Family Foundation Dr. Ron S. Dembo Dominion Group Foundation Ernst & Young LLP



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Alexander F. Epstein Frum Development Group G+G Partnership Architects David L. Goldberg Family Sandra Gertner Global Upholstery Co. Ltd. Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky Alan and Renee Gozlan Goodman Phillips & Vineberg Gross Machinery Group Paul Grylak Grossman, Bleeman, Silver Foundation Guild Electric Limited The Irwin and Meta Haladner Charitable Foundation Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd. Harrowston Holdings Limited Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd. William and Linda Hechter Hereditary Holdings Limited Messrs. Steven and Hartley Hershenhorn Rivette Herzig William A. Holway Jennifer Ivey Bannock Katz Enterprises Inc. Kenneth and Mildred Kelman Geo. A. Kelson Company Limited The Joseph Kerzner Charitable Foundation Warren and Debbie Kimel George Kosich Labelad The Shirley and Harold Lederman Family Foundation Alexander Libfeld Local 506 & T.C.A. Charity Bocce Ball Tournament Gail Dexter Lord Manulife Financial Earl Mandell Maple Leaf Foods Inc. The Mayvon Foundation Midnorthern Appliance Industries Corporation MSH- Dept of Medicine Research Fund The Peter Munk Charitable Foundation Miles Spencer Nadal Neil and Rachel Nisker Charitable Foundation James Oakes Old Country Furniture Limited PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Para Inc. Richard V. Pilosof The Mimi and Sam Pollock Foundation Procter & Gamble Inc. Progress Packaging Limited The Arcangelo Rea Family Foundation The Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Family Foundation Edward S. Rogers Ron and Cynthia Rosenthal Joseph Louis Rotman Charitable Foundation The Gerry and Caren Ruby Family Foundation Louis Savlov Ibolya Schmerz 50

ScotiaMcLeod Inc. Robert Sellars Monty Simmonds Mark Silver Skyline Warehouse & Distribution Centre Ltd. Southam Inc. The Nathan A. Taylor Foundation Sheldon Taerk The Howard and Carole Tanenbaum Family Foundation Taurus Capital Markets Corporation Rosamond I. Thom The Toronto Star United Way of Greater Toronto Stan Vine George Wasserstein Anonymous (2)

LEADERSHIP SINAI MEMBERSHIP PLEDGE P AYMENTS BETWEEN $1,000 AND $5,000 Cash or equivalent receipted April 1, 1999 through March 31, 2000 $1,000 - $5,000 Nicole G. Arnold Paula Bass Capital Ideas Inc. Richard J. Cooper Cranston, Gaskin, O'Reilly and Vernon Eli Dadouch Aubrey Dan Gary Fogler Edwina Fok Perry Fryers Carrie Gelkopf Marty Goldberg Rohit Gupta Cory L. Gurevitz Ron Haas Alison Himel Josephine K. Hung Simon Johnson Anthony H. Keenan Arthur D. Kennedy Shayne Kukulowicz Jackie Kwitko Stephen Pak Wai Lai Susan Laufer Betty Lee Jay A. Lefton Stephen Y. Li Janice Mandel Paul Marcus Liza Mauer Jordon Gnat Lloyd Mogul Miles S. Nadal


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Paul A. Newton Nicholas Offord John F. Prato Lynn Raskin Graham Rosenberg Richard Sadowski Carol S. Seidman Sean Seidman Anthony M. Sigel Benn-Jay Spiegel Joan Sproul Daniel Weisz Michael Wolfe Jean Wong Anonymous (1)

One of the important means of making a donation to a registered charity is the donor's purchase of a life insurance policy in which the policy is assigned to the charity as owner and beneficiary. The charity may issue an income tax receipt to the donor in the amount of the premium when the insurance company has notified the charity that it has received payment of the premium. We wish to take this opportunity to express our profound thanks to the following donors who have purchased such policies with a total value of $1,420,624. We received proceeds from the life insurance policy of Aube O. Weisman of $72,917.85.

BEQUESTS The Foundation received Bequests over $10,000 from the following Estates in the year ending March 31, 2000. Name of Donor Benjamin Herbert Birstein Rose Bloom Ernest Brawshaw Caroline Charney Valerie Bettina Fine Ida Finkelstein Edith Alice Johnston Mary Stewart Jowett Rose Koren Joseph Laverty Berta Lunenfeld Louis Albert Perlman Anne Violet Peters Lucille Samuels Samuel Shefsky Etta Taube Sherman Katherine Swartz

Amount of Estate $81,000 10,550 12,858 51,122 10,000 10,000 210,000 25,780 60,000 132,500 50,000 100,000 192,616 25,000 24,041 60,000 88,395 $1,143,862

Name of Donor Georges Benarroch Jack Bernstein Ivan and Helen Cader Daniel Chai Ming Y. Chan S. K. Betty Chee Dr. Zane Cohen Jon S. Dellandrea Lyne Dellandrea Esther Ginger Rose Eisen Gary Fogler Gladys Fogler Lloyd S. D. Fogler, QC Peter Godsoe Alma J. Goodman Leonard Goodman Mel Goodman Sharlene Goodman Tennys J. M. Hanson Rivette Herzig Leanne Kipfer Leemoy L. Len Sharon London Liss Nikki Malizia Jeffrey K. Mawle Hugh A. McKay Barbara Millichamp Robert A. Rubinoff Eleanor Shear Julie Tanenbaum Kenneth Tanenbaum Daryl L. Turner Rt. Honourable John N. Turner Hilary Turnock Lawrence D. Wilder Irwin Wortsman Clare Wright Anonymous (2)

Amount of Insurance $200,000 25,000 50,000 10,402 5,000 25,000 26,317 25,000 25,000 50,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 75,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 10,000 25,000 5,000 100,000 5,000 6,781 10,000 10,000 25,000 25,000 100,000 50,000 25,000 25,000 5,000 25,000 100,000 5,000 147,124 1,420,624



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LETTER OF INTENT You may wish to contribute to the Foundation but have not yet determined the amount, or perhaps the form, of the contribution. The letter of intent, set out below, is simply a statement of your intention to assist the Foundation. It creates no legal obligation but could, if you wish, serve as a basis for discussion. LETTER OF INTENT Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto 600 University Avenue, Suite 332 Toronto, Ontario M5T 1K5 Gentlemen: I am interested in contributing to the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto. ❑ I have already made provision. ❑ I intend to make provision by means of: ❑ A Pledge ❑ An Endowment Fund ❑ A Gift ❑ A Bequest in my Will ❑ Another Type of Planned Gift This letter of intent does not create a legal obligation. Contributions to Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto qualify as charitable donations for income tax purposes. DATE: SIGNATURE: NAME: (PLEASE PRINT)



MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL FOUND ATION OF TORONT O BOARD OF DIRECTORS (As at March 31, 2000) CHAIR Lloyd S. D. Fogler, QC VICE-CHAIRS Leslie Gales Neil Nisker Robert Rubinoff Lawrence M. Tanenbaum TREASURER Geoffrey Bledin SECRETARY Morton M. Smith, QC PRESIDENT Nicholas Offord CHAIR EMERITUS Bernard I. Ghert DIRECTORS Tobie Bekhor Lawrence Bloomberg Suzanne Ivey Cook Stephen Diamond Edwina Fok Gary Goldberg Leonard Goodman Max Gotlieb Alan Gozlan Mendel M. Green, QC Jack Gwartz Ron Haas Steven Hershenhorn Debbie Kimel HONORARY OFFICERS Irving Gerstein Hy Isenbaum Dr. Lou Siminovitch, OC

MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL FOUNDATION OF TORONTO 600 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X5 Telephone: (416) 586-8203 Facsimile: (416) 586-8639 Email: [email protected]

EX-OFFICIO Dr. Alan Bernstein Gary Fogler Theodore J. Freedman Hinda Silber Gerald P. Turner

Murray Koffler Mitchell Kunin Reuben Kunin Joseph Lebovic Rubin Osten Michael Papadatos Ron Prosserman Stephen Pustil Philip Reichmann Kenneth Rotenberg Samuel Schwartz Gerald J. Shear Howard Sokolowski Richard Venn

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he Friends for Life Society is a special group of community members who have supported Mount Sinai Hospital with an annual gift of between $100 and $9,999. The Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation is pleased to present the following list of Society members whose gifts were received between September 1, 1999 and August 31, 2000. Please note that we make every effort to ensure proper recognition of each donor. If you have any questions about this listing, or for further information about our Friends for Life Society, please contact Christine Lukewich, Tel: (416) 586-8454, Fax (416) 586-8639, email: [email protected] PARTNERS ($1,000 - $9,999) 724 Solutions Inc. Anand and Saroj Aggarwal Alcos Machinery Inc. Alex Couture Inc. Dr. Scott Allan and Ms. Pauline Abrahams Mrs. Carmen Antonini AstraZeneca, Canadian Operations Mrs. Alberta Ayriss Ms. Barbara Ballentine Mr. Muni Basman Mrs. Margaret E. Beck Benign Essential Blepharospasm Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ber Mr. William Berger Mr. Jordan S. Bernamoff* John and Sherrill Berrys Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Boccia Mr. Gordon J. Bogden Mr. Clifford E. Bolano Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation Mrs. Hilde Breuer Mr. John Breuer Mr. Michael Brik

Brimstone Holdings Limited Mr. William Brody David and Helen Brown California Innovations Inc. Ms. Laura Cameron Mrs. Theodora Carvel Ms. Susan CentnerDavidson* Challenger Motor Freight Inc. Ms. Grace K. Chan Mrs. Josephine W. Chan Chartwell Investments, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Cole Mr. Daniel G. Cooper Mr. Kenneth G. Copland Ms. Cheryl Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cristello Mr. Ronald Cuneo Mr. David Cynamon Ilidio and Mercedes da Silva Dekka Resins Inc. Andre and France Desmarais Mr. and Mrs. Peter Detmold Mr. John Di Poce

Reverend Donald and Mrs. Marguerite Doritty Mr. Ian Douglas Mrs. Christina Doyle John and Vera Elder Mr. Philip M. Epstein Farband of Lithuanian Jews in Toronto Harry Farber Construction Limited Mrs. Varda Feiner Ms. Marla Feldman Mrs. Kathleen Fenik The Morton and Ethel Fields Foundation Mr. Leo Filiotis Mr. Michael A. Finkelstein Firenza Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Mrs. Denise Fish Forli Investments Limited Mrs. Dorothy FosterWatkinson Mr. Harvey Fruitman Mr. Edgar A. Garber The Marvin Gelber Foundation Gentec International Mr. Pat L. Gillick Mr. Bernard Glazier Mr. Joseph Gorog

Ms. Mabel Gourlay Mr. John W. Grand Mr. Mendel M. Green, Q. C. Guidelines Advertising Limited Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Habib Mr. Mark Hanson The B.A. Himel Family Foundation Mrs. Celia Hirsh Jane and Malcolm Hogarth Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Hogwood Mr. William A. Holway Mr. Kim B. Hutchings IBM Employees' Charitable Fund Independent Metals & Alloys Inc. Mr. Francis B. Ingoldsby International Gourmet Dining Limited Bill and Lillian Irwin Mr. Thomas Izzard Ms. Judy L. Jacobs Dr. Brian D. Jafine Mr. James Jennings Johnson-Rose Inc. Ms. Ruth Kaaz Mrs. Bernyce Kalifer Mrs. Sandra Kaminsky Mr. William Kishchuk Mr. and Mrs. Max Korolnek Mr. Harry Kreitzman Mr. G. C. Laidlaw Dr. John Langstaff Dr. Hugh J. Lawrence Mr. John Laypa Mr. Robert G. Leong Mr. Gordon Lightfoot Mr. Harry Locke Gabriel and Carole Loubier Bruce and Barbara MacGowan Mr. Howard Malach Ms. S. L. Malloch Mr. Michael Manessi

Mr. Paul M. Mann Maramoresher Society of Toronto Paul and Elizabeth Martin Masters Insurance Limited Mastronardi Produce Ltd. Max Solomon Holdings Limited McDonald Chapter 165 East Star Mr. Tura Merchant* Minto Homes Mr. Henry B. Moreault Mr. and Mrs. Isaac A. Morris Mr. Donald E. Morrison Mr. Alexander Moses Mr. and Mrs. David T. Murdoch Mr. Thomas Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nadler Mrs. Glenna P. Nesbitt Mr. Gilbert I. Newman, C.A. Niagara Credit Union Mr. C. J. Nott Mr. and Mrs. William Novak Olympia Jewellery Corp. Ontario Hydro Employees' Charity Trust Otis Canada, Inc. Ms. Barbara Palk Ms. Gloria Parsons Rob and Jacqueline Peeren Pentax Precision Instrument Corporation The Mimi and Sam Pollock Foundation Dr. David J. Psutka Randy and Nancy Quarin Edward and Catherine Rechtshaffen Mr. and Mrs. Sam Richardson

Mrs. Shirley Robson Mrs. Norine Rose Mr. and Mrs. David Ross Ms. Jessica Rotman Morry and Kay Rotman Roy's Television & Radio Company Limited Royal Bank Financial Group Employees' Charity Trust Mr. John E. Russell Mr. William H. Schmalz Mr. Harold Schroeder Mr. Alan D. Schwarz Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schwarz David and Wendy Share Mr. Gerald Shefsky The Gertrude and David Sher Foundation Allan and Helaine Shiff Mr. Joseph C. Shlesinger Mr. and Mrs. Philip Shnier Ms. Margaret Slazak Mr. and Mrs. Hin L. So Sorensen Clark Holding Corporation Mr. Michael Steinberg Ms. Elise S. Stephenie The Sunset Shuffle David and Susan Sutin Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy J. Sweeney John W. and Eleanor Tait Mr. Martin Teplitsky Ms. M. Joan Thompson Mr. Thomas Tutsch United Way of Greater Toronto Dr. and Mrs. J. David Van Loon Dr. A. Vozoris Elliott and Helene Wahle Mr. Jay Waks Mrs. M. G. Ward



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Mr. Madanlal T. Wasan Mr. John H. Watson Ms. Sophie Weimert Mr. Erez Weinreich Mr. and Mrs. Max Yack Mr. Edward Zabitsky and Ms. Liza Stern Karen Zeppa Marcia Zuker and Jeffrey Barnes Anonymous Donors: 10

ASSOCIATES ($500 - $999) 1195081 Ontario Ltd. Alalris Medica Canada Ltd. Mr. Salem Alaton Ms. Jo A. Alderson Algood Casters Limited AMP of Canada Limited Mr. Walter Aronovitch Arrow Medical Products Ltd. Ms. Jennie Arvay Ms. Lucy Banel Bank of Montreal Fountain of Hope Mr. Barney Z. Barenholtz James and Marcia Bartlet Paul and Kaye Beeston Mr. Robert H. Bennett Berger Software Inc. Mr. Ronald Bernbaum Mrs. Caroline Blais* Mr. Eric Blanchard Mrs. Nicolette Bledin Boeing Toronto, Ltd. Dr. O. Robert Bosso Mr. John N. Botsford Ms. Joan M. Boyd Mr. J. Allan Boyle Brant County Home Care Program Mrs. Gertrude Bromberg Mr. Alan Brown Mr. Charles H. Bulloch Ms. Monika V. Buzanis Cabot Development Mrs. Audrey I. Cameron Mr. J. D. Cameron Mr. Alister Campbell and Ms. Colleen A. Mahoney The Canada Trustco Mortgage Company Canamould Extrusions Inc. Cangro Management Inc. Caravelle Foods Mr. George R. Carefoote Mr. David Carey Mr. Michael Carli Ms. Susan M. Carson Celestica International Inc.


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Mr. Patrick W. Chambers Mr. Eli S. Chen Bernard and Beverley Chernos Ms. Beverley Chernos Mr. Woo-Sen Cheung Ms. Rose-Anna S. Chu* CIBC Development Corporation Mr. Arieh Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cohen Mrs. Esther Cole Mr. George B. Collins Mr. John C. Crosbie Mrs. Jacqueline Csonka-Peeren Mr. Paul L. Dandeno Danson, Recht & Freedman Mr. Manuel De Nobrega Mr. Robert Deluce Mrs. Susan P. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Diament Mrs. Rosa DiCarlo* Ms. Carmela Diflumeri* Downtown Development Limited Dr. Arthur Dunec Mr. Milford J. Dutcher EIS Electronic Integrated Systems Inc. Dr. Susan Eslambolchi Eugene Textiles Co. Ltee Mr. Norman W. Eversfield Mr. Saul Feldberg Mr. James G. Fernandes Mr. Bertram Fine* Mr. William A. Foote Mr. Julius Fortis Mr. Lionel Frankel Ms. Helena L. Frick* Mr. William Fulton Joseph R. Garber Mr. Kirby C. Gavelin Mr. Albert R. Gellman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Glatt Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Goodman Mr. Louis Gordon Mr. Joseph Gossin Mrs. Dorothy Z. Gowen Mr. Frank J. Graham Mr. David Green Mr. and Mrs. Craig Guttmann Mr. Arden R. Haynes Miss D. Hazzoh Mr. and Mrs. Max Herman Mr. Harvey Hirsh Mrs. Laura S. Hollywood Mrs. Patricia M. Houde Mrs. Natalie Houston Mrs. Pamela Hughes Mr. Bruce Hunter Mr. Gary Huston IBM Canada Limited

Interactive Executive Offices Corp. Mrs. P. Isaac Mrs. Emily Israeli Mrs. Anne Jaffey The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba Mrs. Sandra Kaminsky* Mr. Gershon Kaplan Karom Management Limited Mr. Robert Kepes Mr. Zoran Kocovski Mr. Edward Kopp Mr. Harry Kostman Mrs. Vera Kourim Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kumer Mrs. Sharon Lacasse Mr. Philip Ladovsky Mr. Michael Laine Lake Dalrymple Resort Mr. Fred Lautenschlager Mrs. Jennifer Laxdal Mr. Mel J. Lazer Ms. Anne Leckie Mrs. Charlene Leduc Ms. Vivian Lee Mr. Jim Leone Levinter & Levinter Mrs. Doreen Little Mr. B. H. Lloyd Ronald S. Lougheed Mr. David Lowry* Mr. David M. Lukianow Mr. Allan MacKinnon Mr. Henry Mahood Mr. Emmanuel Maishlish Mr. Dan Manor Ms. Margaret Matyas Ms. Mary M. Maude Mr. P.O. Maude McDonald Restaurant Les Trois Moussaillons Inc. Ms. Joan McDowell B. Braun McGaw Ms. Noreen H. McInnis Mr. John McLachan and Ms. Jane A. Stief Mrs. Judith P. McLean Mr. and Mrs. Sam Meister Anthony H. Melcher Ms. Sylma E. Mellowes Mr. Froim Merkur Mr. Tom Mihalik Dr. Michael M. Minden Ms. Eti E. Mintz Mr. Bruce H. Mitchell Mrs. Susan Mogil Professor John F. Morgan-Jones Mr. Janko Naglic Mr. Antonio Nativio Mrs. Avalon S. Neale Mr. Carl Newton Mrs. Geraldine J. Nicholas Mr. Joe Nigro Nunsubco Deux Inc. Mr. Joseph Oliver Ms. Helen Ovens P A Study Club

Pal Insurance Services Limited Mr. Andrew Paterson Mr. William Pedskalny Mr. Randy Piercey Albert and Lila Pieters Ms. Beverley J. Pinchin Mr. Joaquim Pires Mrs. Shirley Polon Mr. Richard N. Poole Mrs. Donna Porter Ms. Martine Positano Mr. Guy Pugliese Lino and Edith Quattrin Mr. Elio Radocchia Dr. Larry Raley Mr. and Mrs. John Randall Mr. and Mrs. Werner M. Rappoport Ms. Rhonda Richer Mrs. Catherine Rimler Mr. Arthur S. Ripstein and Ms. Karen A. Weisman Mrs. Ragna M. Ritch Mr. and Mrs. Cedric E. Ritchie Mr. P.G. Rolfe* Ms. Mary M. Rose Mrs. Linda Rosen Mr. Lothar H. Rosenberg Dr. Janet Rossant Mr. Norman Roth Mrs. Patricia Rowland Mr. Leon Rumm Mr. Peter Saarniit Mr. Yuji Sakuma Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schlesinger Dr. Marianne Seger Mrs. Elizabeth Seibert Mr. Paul Shapiro Mr. Stephen Shaver Shaw Industries Ltd. Ms. Sylvia Shawn Mr. William S. Shone Mr. Fred Shore Silver Leaf Carpentry Ltd. Dr. Bernard Silverman Selby and Aileen Sinclair Mr. Josef V. Skvorecky Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Slan Smiths Industries Medical Systems Canada Ltd. Mr. Raphael So Ms. Wendy Southall Samuel and Talia Spanglet Mrs. Margaret Spohn Scott and Cindy Staiman Mrs. Edda Sterner Miss Katharine P. Symons Mr. Houi Takounseun Mr. Luigi Tarola Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Taub


Templeton Management Limited Toronto Bowlerama Limited Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tseng* Mr. Pietro Turco United Way of Peel Region Mr. and Mrs. Al Vaisnoras Miss Carmela Valentino Ms. Kristine L. Vikmanis Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wagman Ms. Lucy Waverman Ms. Catherine A. Weinberg Dr. Victor Weinberg Mr. Michael Wenban and Mrs. Virginia Froman-Wenban Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wise Mr. Roelf D. Woldring Mr. Robert Wolfe Michael and Andrea Wolff Lisa and Chad Wolfond Mrs. Mabel Woo Dr. Donald B. Woods Y & Z Holdings Inc. Mrs. Sau J. Yiu Mr. Leo Zaidman Mrs. Celia Zeligman Anonymous Donors: 20

FELLOWS ($249 - $499) Ms. Deborah J. Aaron Mr. Luis M. Abegao Ms. Varla Abrams Mrs. Cleopatra Adams Mr. Harout Adrouni Ms. Florence Agnesi Dr. Johanna Aitken and Ms. Kate Hyde The Al-Sewaidi Family Harvey and Lynn Albert Allied Plastering & Stucco Ltd. Mrs. Denise Altman Mr. Arnold Amber Mrs. Irene Anderson Mrs. Joy Anderson* Ms. Catherine Andrew Dr. Philip Anisman Mr. Edward Anthony Mr. Ben Applebaum Mr. Bruce Arkwright Mr. Lowell Aronoff Mr. Dimitrios Athanasopoulos Ms. Doris K. Au Mrs. Man Fan Au Fung Ms. Laura Auchincloss Mr. Harold Averill Mr. William Bacale Mr. Edin Bachner Mrs. Marion J. Bagshaw Mr. Sean B. Bailey Mr. John S. Bain Ms. Roz Baker

Ms. Marilyn G. Ball-Ryder Mr. Husayn Banani Mrs. Debbie Bank Graham and Patricia Baragwanath Mr. D. Bardowell and Mrs. Elizabeth Bardowell Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barkin Mr. John Barnett Ms. Anne Barszczewski Ms. Ella Bartok Mr. Emanuel Batler Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Beaton Ms. Laurie Beattie Arthur and Gabrielle Beatty Mr. Patrick J. Beaudoin Mr. Earl Bederman and Ms. Ann MacPherson Ms. Maria E. Belanger Mr. John P. Bell Ms. Louise Bennett Mr. Gerald Benson Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Berg Mrs. Moselle Berger Joseph and Rose Berkan Ms. Daniella C. Bernard Bessin Family Foundation Mrs. Elaine Beutel Mr. Mortimer S. Bistrisky Mr. Stephen Blaney Lawrence and Leslie Bontje Mr. Harry Borenstein Ms. Anke Bosma Ms. Danielle Bouchard Mrs. Janice Boulet Mr. M.W. E. Bowen Mr. Lucien L. Bower Ms. Colleen Bradley Mr. F. B. Bradstreet Mrs. Shelley Braidberg Miss Shirley Braithwaite Jack and Rachel Brass Ms. Elisabeth Braun Mr. Richard G. Bridle Mr. Clare C. Brown Gary and Gail Brown Mr. Robert W. Brown Ms. Marilyn F. Brownrigg Mr. Ronald Bruhm Mr. Fred Brunner Ms. Heather L. Bryant Mrs. H. J. Buckley Mr. Adam R. Budd and Ms. Nadine Cossette Mr. Stuart J. Budden Simo and Ivanka Budimirovic C.A. and Barbara Bunting Mrs. Helen A. Burnham Ms. Patricia Burton Mr. Frank Butty Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cain Mrs. Shirley E. Cain

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Dr. Liviana Calzavara Gary and Angie Campacci Campacci Financial Services Mr. Thomas Campbell Canadian Imaging Trade Association Miss Elvira Capisciolto Dr. Morton Caplan Mrs. Myrna M. Caplan Mrs. Jeanne H. Capone Mrs. Ida B. Centner Mrs. Chor-Yue G. Chan Mr. Danny Chan Mr. Tak Chan Mr. Jony Cheng Mr. Robin J. Chetwynd Mr. Peter Chiddy Mr. Robert L. Childs Mr. Michael Chornopesky Mrs. Lucienne Choryhanna Ms. Catherine E. Christoff Ms. Anna M. Cino Mr. Max Citron Mr. Donald Clayton Michael and Avis Cleary Mr. Ilan Cohen Mr. Morris I. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cohen Ms. Margo Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Collini Mr. Arthur Collins Mr. John Conceicao Mr. Derek J. Conquer Mr. David N. Cooper Mrs. Victoria Coppola Mrs. Eileen Cormack Mr. Herbert Cornfeld Mr. Philip Covshoff Dr. John Cowan Ms. Katharine A. Coxford Ms. Mary A. Cranston* Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Crossman Mr. Christopher Cummer Ms. Susan Dahlgren Mr. Ross C. Dahmer Mr. Boleslaw Danilko Mr. John E. Davies Ms. Diana L. De Conno Mrs. Andrea De Tombe Mr. Michael B. Deeb Ms. Anne DeLuca Ms. Madeline DeMello Mr. Robert Demers Mr. Henry Den Braber Ms. Gai Deng Dr. Hung Der Ms. Carla DevenishWhite* Ms. Loretta Di Giorgio Diane V. Vezina & Associates Ltd. Ms. June E. Dickenson Mrs. Jean Dickinson Ms. Nicole Dimson Mrs. Giuseppa Dinatale


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Dr. Bruno L. DiPaolo Mr. Douglas Dixon* Mr. Irwin Doane Mr. John F. Domsy Ms. Maureen Donaldson Mrs. Etta H. Donnell Ms. Carmel Dooley Mr. David Doritty Professor Edgar Dosman Mr. John Dougherty Mr. Michael Downes Mr. George Doxey Dr. Katy R. Driver* Mr. Kenneth W. Dryden Mrs. Joan D. Duffy Ms. Margaret Dumberg Mr. Richard Dumberg Ms. Maggie Dunford* Lawrence and Teresa Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Durbin William and Indra Durnan Mr. W. G. Dutton Ms. Joan DuttonWalker Dynamic Fund Foundation Ms. Jean S. Eales Mr. John A. Edward Mrs. Doreen Edwards Mr. Peter Edwards Ms. Sheri L. Edwards Mr. George B. Eichholzer Mr. Benno Elgner Mrs. Esther Elite Mr. James C. Elliott Mrs. Karen Elms Eppstadt Design Inc. Mrs. Lieselotte Eschenauer Mrs. Corazon Espiritu Mr. Wilfred M. Estey Ms. Sherry Evans Mr. Terry N. Evans Mr. Lloyd E. Ewing Mr. Allan L. Fagan Ms. Dawn Farr Mrs. Freda Fejer Ms. Georgina Feldberg Mr. Christopher Ferguson Mrs. Deborah G. Ferris Mr. Bertram Fine Mr. Harry Finkelstein Ms. Mildred Finlay Mr. Jack J. Fireman Mr. Alson Fisher Fishery Products International Ltd. Mrs. Daphne FitzGerald Mr. Giuseppe Fiumano Mr. Frederick T. Flahiff Morris and Ruth Flicht Ms. Kimberley Flood Dr. Bernard Fogel Ms. Jean Fok Dr. Ann Fowle Mr. Glen Frankfurter Mr. Donald I. Fraser

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Mrs. Diane Fraughton Mr. Joseph M. Fried Mr. Allan Frohlich Mrs. Norma Fromer Mrs. Maria Frost Ms. Arlene E. Fryer Fuchs, Morris and Lea* Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Fuhrer Ms. Anna Fusco Mr. Anthony Fusco Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fusco Ms. Frances Gage Ms. Jo-Ann GagnonMoore Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Anna Gallay Ms. Edith L. Galloway Mr. Albon Garbe Mr. Norman Garnett Mr. A. Garten Mr. Roger P. Gauthier Mr. E.J. Gauvreau* John and Shiela Geist* Mr. Bill Gekas Gem-Kin Construction Ms. Olimpia Gerardi Mrs. Bernadette Gerol Ms. Sharon L. Gerwitz* Ms. Elizabeth L. Gibson* Ms. Melanie E. Gibson Mr. Albert Gilbert Ms. Claire Gill* Mr. Alastair W. Gillespie Mr. David Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Goldman Ms. Montserrat Gonzalez Mr. John Gordon Ms. Phyllis Gordon Mrs. Ellena Gornitzki Ms. Audrey Gougeon Mrs. Surinder K. Gouri Gavin and Perianne Graham* Mrs. Judith A. Graham Ms. Sally Graham Mr. Alan Grant Mr. Eric H. Granz Mrs. Devorah Green Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Green Mrs. Reva Green Mrs. Roslynne Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greenspan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greer Mr. David J. Griff Ms. Riva Grinshpan Mrs. Nellie Groom Mrs. Ava Gross Ms. Helen Gurney Mr. Alan Gutmann Ms. Janet Haddad Ms. Barbara HaldaneYoung Ms. Lucie Hall Mr. Bruce J. Halow Mr. James Hamilton Ms. Helen Hammett

Ronald and Loretta Harbour Mr. L. W. Hardy Mrs. Mahin Hariri Mrs. Gladys Harris* Mr. John Harris Mr. Peter C. Harris Ms. Sylvia Harrison Mr. Charles Harvey Mr. Peter Harvey Ms. Evelyn Hathaway Dr. Christopher J. Hawley Ms. Mary H. Hazen Mr. Gilbert R. Hazlehurst Ms. Catherine Helyar Mr. Charles H. Henderson Mr. Gangolf E. Herman Mr. William Herman Ms. Joan R. Hickey Mr. Allan Higgins Mr. John Hilborn Mr. C. M. Hine Dr. James and Mrs. Lillian Hing Mrs. Penny A. Hirsh Mrs. Helene Hobbs Ms. Pauline B. Hockenstein Mr. Bernd Hoehne Mr. George Hoffman Dr. Lloyd Hoffman Ms. Gloria Hoflezer* Mrs. Meredith J. Holland Mr. Sean Holman and Ms. Lynn Butler Mrs. Helen Honickman Mrs. Lucille Horan Mrs. Mildred L. Howson Mr. David A. Huctwith Mrs. Bridgid Huminuik Mrs. Freda Hurwich Mr. Ronald J. Hutner Mr. Robert S. Iannelli Imaginus Canada Limited Institutional Promotions of Canada Ltd. Mrs. Madeline R. Irwin Mrs. Lila Isaacson Mr. Gregory Ishmael Jacob Guttman Charitable Trust Ms. Christa Jacobs Mr. Karl Janzer Mr. George Jenner Mr. John C. Jepson Ms. Elizabeth J. Johnson Mr. Paul N. Johnston* Ms. Hannah Jones A. Jurock David and Sara Kachuck* Mr. Kenneth Kan Mr. Charles Karn Mr. Aaron Katz Mr. Robert Keay Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Keen Mr. Harry Keller Mrs. Jacqueline Kelly

Mr. Peter Kennedy Mr. Paul Kent Ms. Hannah M. Keon Mr. Robert J. Kerr Ms. Marion Kert Ms. Khadijeh Khawja Ms. Jin H. Kim Kim Crawford Agency Mr. John S. King Mr. Michael D. King Mrs. Paula Kirsh Mrs. Lauren KleinsteinDavidson Ms. Marie Knaul Ricky and Diana Kochman Mrs. Olga Koel Mr. Shlomo Kohn Mr. John Kokkinias Mr. Walter Kopacz Dr. Marshall Korenblum Mr. Joseph Kotler Charles and Elizabeth Kovacs Ms. Gail Koven Jacob and Roslyn Kraicer Mr. Joe Krakowsky Krauss Family Charitable Trust Mr. Jan A. Kremis Horace and Elizabeth Krever Mr. Maurice J. Kulik Ms. Sheila Kurtz Dr. Jennifer Kushner Ms. Eva Lahay Mr. Hari Lalla Ms. Susan E. Lambie Ms. Ann Lamont Mrs. Lilian B. Lampert Mr. Leslie B. Lander Mr. Bryant A. Langmuir Mr. Leon Lapidus Ms. Madeleine Lapokonstantakis Mr. Brian Leader Mrs. Shannon Leal Mr. Wilhelm H. Leck Ms. Carma Lecuyer Ms. Faith Lederer Mrs. Rosalind Lefeber Mrs. Helen Leiderman Mr. Luiz Leopoldino Mr. Michael E. Leranbaum and Ms. Erin Sigel Mrs. Lisa Levine Mr. Mark Levine Dr. Nathan N. Levinne Mrs. Carol Levitan Mr. Richard J. Liptrap Mr. Bernard J. Little* Mr. J. B. Little Mrs. Beverley Littleford Mr. Herb A. Liverman Ms. Myrna Lo Ms. Audrey Loeb Mr. Jack Loman Mrs. Eva Loo Miss Hazel Looby Mr. Paul Lotocki Ms. Glendine LoweMizrahi The Lowidt Foundation

Ms. Catherine M. Ludlow Mr. Alexander Luettichau Mr. Harry G. Lumsden Ms. Elisabeth Lunder Jaroslav and Alric Lytwyn M. Gurza Custom Brokers Mrs. Leah MacGillivray Mr. H. R. MacKinnon Mrs. Margaret MacLellan Mr. Michael E. Maddison Ms. Shelly Mandell Mr. Julian J. Mardon Mr. Edward C. Mark Jerome and Mayta Markson Mr. Daniel C. Marple* Mr. Barrie Martland Miss Jean Matlow Professor Nicole Maury John McAuley Mr. Mark McCain Ms. Heather McCallum Duncan and Leslie McCallum Mr. John A. McClelland Mrs. Linda McDougall Donald and Margaret McGee Ms. S. A. McGlade Ms. Martha McGuire Mr. Donald McKay* Ms. Eva D. McKenzie* Mr. Richard E. McKinnell Mr. Tom McLeod Ms. Barbara J. McMerty Gordon and Sarah McMillan Ms. Nancy McMurrich Gordon and Mary McQueen Mr. Sheldon Mecklinger Mediated Solutions Incorporated Mr. Fred Metrick Mr. Ezer Mevorach Ms. Helen Milic Ms. Barbara Millichamp Mr. Craig A. Milton Dr. J.C.D. Milton Mr. Robert Minifie Saul and Evelyn Mintz Mr. Bill Minuk Ms. Jean Mironchuk Mr. James B. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Morton Mitchnick Rosalee and Michael Monk Miss Mildred Montgomery Mrs. Kathleen Morari Mr. Robert G. Morenz Ms. Mary J. Morgan Mrs. Martha Morris Ms. Cynthia Moull Ms. Mary J. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Muskat MVS Solutions Inc. Mr. John A. Myers



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Ms. Glorianne Naiman Mr. Nick Nakonecznyj Mr. Duane E. Napier Ms. Rosanna Nardi Ms. Bernadette Nedd Mr. Peter Nell Mr. Brian Nelson Mr. Manfred Neuber Dr. Roger Newell Mr. J. B. Newstead Mrs. Teresa Ng Mr. William Nichols Mr. Phillip A. Nicholson Gavril and Elena Nicolescu Ted and Joan Nikolaou Herman and Frances Nisker Mr. Barry Novak Ms. Wanda M. Novak Mr. Peter O'Donnell Ms. Mary O'Hara Mr. Gary P. O'Sullivan Ms. Joyce Ohashi* Professor Kazuko Ohmoto Ontario Power Generation Employees' and Pensioners' Charity Trust Mr. Mike M. Orescanin Ms. Angela Orsi Mr. Arvits Orste Mrs. Lorraine Otis Mr. and Mrs. M. Kenan Ozdamar Mr. Michael Pacht Ms. Nina Pagnotta Mrs. Loretta Pantaleo Ms. Stella P. Paschali Mr. Thakor N. Patel Mr. Arthur Peltomaa Mr. Samuel B. Peralta Mr. Bogdan Petrov Mr. Tony Petruzziello Mr. Ernesto Petta Mr. Steven Pezim and Ms. Wendy Sokolowski Ms. Edna Phorson Dr. Charles and Mrs. Joyce Pierce Mr. Kurt Pitblado Placements Michel Baribeau Inc. Ms. Helga Plumb Miss Ellen E. Pocock Ms. Kathleen Porch Ms. Gilda Price Mrs. Bernice J. Pringle Print Three Mr. James F. Prout Mrs. Marilyn Prusky Mr. Harry C. Pulley Mr. Monty H. Raider Ms. Lola Rasminsky Ms. Heidi Ratcliffe Ms. Sheila Ray Mr. Dusan Rebic Mrs. Lillian Reiken* Mr. Michael Reinmuller Relco Inc. Dr. J. K. Reynolds Mr. Joseph Ricciardi Mr. George Richards 56

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Mr. John W. Richardson John and Penny Richardson Mrs. Marianne Richter Ms. Lisa P. Rieckermann* Mrs. Dolores Rios Ms. Terri L. Robins Mrs. Bridgette A. Roos Rosedale Heights School Council Mr. Lawrence S. Rosen Ms. Dorothy Ross Mr. George Roth Mr. Norman Roth Mr. Aser Rothstein Mr. Giancarlo Rovella Mr. and Mrs. Max Rubenstein Mr. Martin K. Rumack Abraham and Ella Rutman Ms. Marie I. Salgado Dr. and Mrs. Wilfred Salzman Mr. Jules Samson Mr. Kevin Samson Mr. and Mrs. Priness Sand* Mr. Tarlo Sandhu Mrs. Gertrude Sax Robert Schacter Ms. Joan Schafer Mr. Norman Schipper* Mr. Rolf SchmidtHolzmann Dr. Adrianne Schmitt Mr. Andre Schnabel Ms. Rose Schonblum John and Carole Scott* Mr. Malcolm Seddon Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sellers Joseph and Mirella Serpe Mr. Giovanni Servello Ms. Jura M. Seskus Mr. Peter Seto Mr. Bernard Shaffer Mr. H. U. Shah Mr. Joseph Shanlian Mr. John D. Shannon* Ms. Caroline Shawyer Dr. Jeffrey Sherkey Mr. David Shindman Mrs. Hanna Shlesinger Mrs. Fela Shnaider Mr. Joseph Shoichet Mr. Gerald J. Sholtack Mr. Harry Shore Ms. Marilyn J. Short Ms. Eileen Shuchat Mr. Robert Sidi Mr. Ted Sidlauskas Mr. Peter Silverman Ms. Randi R. Silverstein Mr. Steven Silverstein Simon Zucker & Associates Ms. Elaine R. Singer* Harry and Shirley Sklar Mrs. Betty A. Skolnik Skycharter Limited Mrs. Janet G. Slasor Ms. Barbara J. Smith

Mr. Michael A. Solomon Ivan and Linda Solomons Ms. Elaine M. Solway Mrs. Joan Solway Mr. Geaytan Spiteri Mr. Lorne J. Ste. Croix Mr. Jarrod Stearns Mr. Michael Stefaniuk Mr. Larry Steinberg Mr. Ronald S. Steinberg Ms. Marina M. Stephens Mr. Conrad O. Stewart Ms. Shelagh J. Stewart Mrs. Shirley Stokes Michael and Stephanie Stoneleigh Claus and Alice Storteboom Mr. Herbert Stott Mr. R. A. Stradiotto Mr. Gordon Strauss Strew Investments Ltd. Ms. Barbara Stringer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stulberg Martha and David Sud Mr. Piero J. Suppa Mr. Robert M. Sutherland Mr. Craig Suttie Ms. Victoria Swanson Mrs. Adeline Sweet Ms. Petronila Talens Mr. Ying K. Tam Ms. Joan Tanaka Mrs. Marion Tanaka Ms. Lisa A. Taylor Mrs. Marisa Tedeschi Mr. Harshad Thanki Mrs. Deirdre J. Thompson Mr. John M. Thompson Mrs. Alma Titcombe Ms. Debrah C. Tobin Mr. James E. Tobin Mr. William Tobin Mr. Earle W. Toppings Mr. Walter J. Trafford Mr. David J. Traynor Mrs. Elaine G. Triggs Trimark Investment Management Inc. Ms. Marina Tsakopoulos Mr. Stephen H. Tsao Mrs. Oksana Tsolakidis Mr. Frank Turco Mr. Paul Tushinski Mrs. Claudia Tuzi Mrs. Juliette Tyler John and Lorna Ulmer Mr. Karl Ungerman Ms. Jolanda Van Deenen Mr. David Vandenbussche* Mr. Steven J. Venman Ms. Irene Verby* Mr. Thu Quy Vien Mrs. Jennifer Von Buchstab Mr. Peter Vyriotes Ms. Joanne Waddington

Mr. Robert A. Wake Mr. Wentworth D. Walker Ms. Sharon Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Walli Mr. Hanniel Wan Mr. David B. Wark Mr. Zoltan Warly Mr. L. A. Warren Mr. John Watt Mrs. Margaret Wayne Mr. Keith Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Webb Mr. C. Weinberg Howard and Patricia Weinberg Mr. Paul Weinberg Mr. Philip Z. Weinstein Mrs. Emma Weiss Mrs. Muriel Welbon Ms. Josephine Weston Mr. and Mrs. Robert White Ms. Audrey J. Whyte Ms. Deborah Wilce Mrs. Kathryn Wilder Ms. Joan Williams Ms. Nancy Williams Mr. Michael Willis Mr. Eric Winter Ms. Jeannette C. Winter Mr. Richard Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. David Wolpin Ms. Fay Wood Dr. Wayne and Mrs. Juliette Wood Ms. Nancy Woodman Ms. Jeannie Wozniak Mr. David E. Wright Mrs. Hoi L. Wu Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wyatt* Mr. Arthur I. Yallen Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Yolles Edie and Morden Yolles Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Young Mr. and Mrs. John Young Ms. Rachel Young Richard and Margaret Young Mr. Vic Young Mr. Harold N. Zamon Mrs. Reva Zarnett Oscar and Ruth Zuker Anonymous Donors: 30

COMPANIONS ($100 - $249) 668323 Ontario Inc. 742016 Ontario Limited 882555 Ontario Ltd. Mr. Edward Aarntzen Mr. David Abbott Ms. Jean Abbott Mr. Roger Abbott Ms. Naila Abdulla


Mrs. Laurice Aboud Mrs. Tillie Abrams Ms. Leopolda Accettone Ms. Mary E. Ace Mr. Sam Ackerman Mrs. Linda A. Adam Mr. Stephen Adamek Mr. Patrick Adams Mr. Robert Adams Ms. Susan Adams Mr. James Adamson Ms. Susan M. Addario Mr. Aharon Adler Mr. Andrew Adler Mr. Luigi Aggio Mr. and Mrs. Mansueto Aggio Agra Industries Inc. Ms. Yvonne Agueci Miss Expedita Agustin Mr. Norman Ahmet Mr. and Mrs. Antti A. Ahonen Ms. Radha Ahuja Mr. Ian H. Ainsworth Ms. Zanana L. Akande Mrs. Mary Akin George and Layla Al-Bazi Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Albaum Mr. Gerald Albert Mr. Richard Albert Mrs. Blume Alexander Mr. Courtney L. Alexander Ms. Viona Alexander Ms. Nickey Alexiou Ms. Margot R. Algie Mr. Robert Allan Ms. Madeleine Allard Ms. Donna Allen Mr. Philip Allen and Ms. Jennifer Rush Ms. Sheila Allen Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alleyne Mrs. Zinka Allore Ms. Pina Aloia Mrs. Aysel Alpay Mr. Bashar Alrehany Ms. Dionysia Altenor Dr. Brian Altman Ms. Lenny Altschuler Ms. Savka Alvarez Mr. Alexander Alves Mr. and Mrs. Jose Alves Ms. Lisa Always* Norman and Lorraine Amadio Ms. Santosh Ambasana Ambleside Contract Furnishing Inc. Mrs. Lillian Ambrose AMD Group Mr. Arthur Ameis Mr. Rene Amiel Mrs. Audrey M. Amo Larry and Diane Amos Amper Management Services Limited Mrs. Marguerite Ampleford Ms. Georgia Anastasopoulos

Mr. Rembert K. Anderka Mrs. Penelope A. Andersen Mrs. Joy Anderson Ms. Judith E. Anderson Mrs. Susan Andison Dr. Donna T. Andrew Ms. Leta Andrew Mr. James W. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. William Andrews Mrs. Angela Angelis Mr. and Mrs. Jake Anhang Mr. Isaac Anidjar Mr. Doug Annand Ms. Colette L. Anthon Mr. Raymond C. Anthony Mr. Donato Antonucci Mrs. Lucia Antunes Mr. Toshiro Aoki and Ms. Kimie Aoki Aon Re Canada Inc. Dr. Neil Applebaum Mrs. Violet Applebaum Mr. Trevor H. Appleby Mr. Leon Apter Mrs. Gioia Arandjelovic Mrs. Sheila Arbesman Ms. Alyson R. Arbus Miss Janet Archibald Mr. Malcolm S. Archibald Mr. and Mrs. Luis Ardiles Mrs. Helen Argiropoulos Mr. Douglas M. Arland Mrs. Amelda Armatrading Mr. Bruce Armitage Mr. Donald Armitage Mr. Antony Armstrong Mrs. Ellen Armstrong Mrs. Iris Armstrong Ms. Gloria Arnocki Ms. Bonnie Arnold* Mrs. Essie Arnold Mrs. Maria Arnone Ms. Wendy J. Arnott Ms. Chloe Arnould Ms. Albina Arone* Dr. Alexander Aronov Ms. Debra Aronson Ms. Lucie G. Arsenault Ms. Laura A. Arsie Mr. Gary Artmont Ms. Marsha A. Arviv Ms. Dvora Asher Ms. Stephanie Ashton Ms. Lynne D. Asplund* Mrs. Giuseppina Assenza Ms. Elizabeth D. Ast Mr. Enrico F. Asta Morris and Lorraine Atamanchuk Mrs. Paula Athanasoulas Mark and Tess Atin Ms. Gayla Atkins Ms. Irene Atkinson Mr. George Atlas Mrs. Randi L. Atlin Mr. Kevin E. Atwood

YHR Winter 2001 layout

Mr. Eliav Atzmony Mr. Joseph S. Au Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Au Mr. Emile Aufgang Ms. Ethel Auster Ms. Sybil Austin Ms. Arlene O. Auter Ms. Henrietta Auyeung* Mrs. Vera Avery Ms. Rose M. Avona Ms. Ruth A. Avraham Mrs. Larissa Awad Mr. and Mrs. Sarantis Axiotis Mrs. Esther Axmith Mr. Thein K. Aye Mr. Frank Aylward Mrs. Perla Azulay B'nai B'rith Eglinton Lodge Foundation Mrs. Wafaa B. Babcock Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bacal Ms. Cathy Backman Mrs. Stella Badin Mr. Michael Baer Mr. Eric S. Baily Mrs. Carole Bain Mr. David Bainwohl Ms. Andrea H. Baird Mrs. Geraldine Baird Ms. Ranjana Bajaj Mr. Albert R. Baker Mrs. Barbara C. Baker Ms. Swarna Bala* Ms. Georgina Balascas Mr. Aru Balasingam Ms. Agota Balazs Ms. Marline L. Balchand Mr. Harold Balderson Mrs. Anne Balicki Mr. Jerry S. Balitsky Mr. Allen Ball Mrs. Theo Ball Mr. Michael H. Balz Mr. Steven Banach Mr. Riaz A. Bandali Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bank Mr. Hyman Banks Mr. Gerard Banning Mr. and Mrs. Martin Baranek Abe and Gertrude Barath Mr. Michael Barbeito Mrs. Elizabeth Barber Mr. Tony Barbieri Mr. and Mrs. Jose Barbosa Ms. Teresa Barbosa Mrs. Bosiljka Barbulov Mr. James Barczak Ms. Elena Barit Dr. Ian K. Barker Mrs. Joan Barker Mr. Phillip W. Barker Mr. John R. Barnes Mrs. Linda S. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. William Barnsley Ms. Elizabeth Barr Mr. John Barr


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Dr. Mary Barratt Mr. Richard G. Barrens Mr. and Mrs. Russell Barrese Mrs. Marion Barrette Brian and Anna Barron Ms. Lucy Barron Miss Enid Barrow Ms. Carolyn Barry Mrs. Mary Bartelli Peter and Gloria Barter Mrs. Janet Bartlett Ms. Mary E. Bartolo Dr. Bernard J. Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Albert Batcher Mr. Diego Batelich Ms. Jean F. Batt Ms. Enza Battaglia Mrs. Carmela Battista Ms. Elaine C. BaxterTrahair Ms. Vicky M. Bazan Mr. Scott Beacom Ms. Judith C. Beaman Mrs. Dorothy A. Beaton Mr. Roy R. Beatty Mr. Walter N. Beauchamp Ms. Jeannine Beaumont Ms. C. J. Becker Ms. Rita E. Becker Ms. Blaise Bedard Dr. Yvan C. Bedard Mr. Jagroop S. Bedi Ms. Jolanta Bednarz Mr. Lance Beechener Beechwood Management Services Ltd. Ms. J. Merlyn Beeckmans Mrs. Mary A. Beer Mrs. Barbara Beggs Mr. Henryk Bekier Ms. Charlotte A. Bell Mrs. Elsie Bell Mrs. Janette Bell Ms. Nadine Bell Ms. Patricia A. Bell Mr. A. C. Bellerby Mrs. Olga Bellio Bello Service Centre Limited Ms. Mary Belonzo Mr. James A. Belshaw Mr. Joseph Benayon Mr. Gerardo Bendiner Mr. Garepho Benehoutsos Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Benlolo Ms. Andrea T. Bennett Ms. Deborah A. Bennett Ms. June E. Bennett Ms. Teresa Bennett Mr. Gary Bensky Ms. Fiona G. Benson Allan and Joan Bentley Mrs. Judy Bentley Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario Mr. Bernard Berenblum Ms. Julia K. Berger Ms. Gail Bergman Ms. Robin Bergman

Mr. Conrad Bergschneider Mr. and Mrs. Eric Berke Mrs. Klara Berkovitz Mr. Jack Berkow Mr. Samuel Berl Mr. Abraham D. Berlin Mr. and Mrs. Saul Berman Mr. Jacques Bernard Mr. Marcel Bernard William and Daryll Bernstein Mr. Harry A. Bernstein Mr. Marvin Bernstein Dr. Barnet Berris Robert and Emilie Berry Mrs. Shirley J. Berry* Ms. Joanne Bertolin* Ms. Deborah M. Berzan Mr. Manuel Bettencourt Mr. Donald D. Beveridge Mr. Shiraz Bharmal Mr. S. Kean Bhatacharya Mr. Luigi M. Bianchi Ms. Mary M. Bianchi Mr. Sander Biderman Ms. Anne M. Bielska Ms. Saundra Biemiller Mr. Edward Bierstone Ms. Maxine Biesenthal Mrs. Violet Binette Ms. Sophie Biniaris Ms. Carolyn E. Binns Ms. Milovanka Bircanin Ms. Carole J. Birch Mr. Charles J. Birchal Mrs. Catherine Black Mr. Howard S. Black Ms. Inez Blackburn Mr. Reynold F. Blackman Dr. Richard B. Blackman Mrs. Helen M. Blackmore Mr. Edward Blackstock Frederick and Hilda Blain Mrs. Leona E. Blake Mr. Ray Blanchard Ms. Linda Blaschek Ms. Susan P. Blase Mrs. Jeanette Blatt Mr. Leonard Blatt Miss Sharen H. Blatt Ms. Eve S. BlaySilverberg Mrs. Elke Blinick Mr. and Mrs. H. Block Mrs. Kathy Bloom Mr. Samuel Bloom Irving and Elaine Bloomberg Mrs. Barbara Bloomer Professor R. L. Bloore Mr. Kenneth S. Blow Mrs. Liora Blower Mrs. Susan Blumenstein Mrs. Helen M. Boardman Mrs. Brenda Bobrowsky-Boussidan Ms. Rita Bobruk

Leslie and Nancy Bochi Ms. Lori E. Bodanis Mrs. Charmaine Bodi Mr. Douglas Bodle Mr. Gabriel Bodor Mr. and Mrs. Ted Boduryan Mr. Gilbert Boeckler Mr. John Boersma Mr. Michael Bogin Mr. Robert Bohbot Ms. Eleanor Z. Bohm Paul and Monique Boily Ms. Freda Bokser Mr. Clifford Boland Ms. Joy Bonas Mr. Abraham B. Bonder Mr. Rene Bonniere Mr. Tony Bonsell and Ms. Samantha Howard Ms. Carolyn Boodram Mr. Peter Boogaard Ms. Susan E. BookeyBassett Joseph and Clara Borbely Mr. Kenneth C. Borchuk Ms. Lillian E. Borden Mrs. Gayle Borenstein Ms. Diane Borg Mrs. Mirella Borgolotto Mr. John C. Borley Mr. Norman I. Borofsky Mrs. Anisya Borowik Mrs. Virginia Bortolussi Ms. Annie Boscombe Mr. Hanid Bostani Mr. William Bot Mrs. Jeanette L. Bottoni Mr. and Mrs. Perry Bottoni Mr. Ki K. Bou Ms. Laura Boucher Mr. Roger W. Boucher Mr. Leo J. Boudreau Mrs. Janet Boulakia Mr. and Mrs. Iskander F. Boulos Mr. Germain R. Bourdages Mrs. Francine J. Bourduas Mr. Pierre R. Bourre Mr. John R. Bousfield Ms. Karen Bowen Mr. Glyndon R. Bowie Mrs. Sheri A. Bowins Ms. Lisa Boyd Mrs. Yvette Boyd Ms. Barbara Boyko Mr. James Boyle Professor Joseph Boyle Ms. Cynthia A. Bozinoff Mr. Lino Bozzato Mr. Harold Bradbury Mrs. Annabelle Bradfield Mr. David Bradstreet Mr. George Brady Mr. Kevin S. Brain Mrs. Gina Bramante Mr. Richard H. Branch Mrs. Valerie Brass

Brass Hill Investments Limited Ms. Nancy K. Brauweiler Ms. Kathi Brawley Joan Brazeau Marcel and Mildred Brazeau Mr. Peter Breiner Mr. Allan Brender Mrs. Deborah A. Brent Mrs. Marie B. Brescacin Mr. A. Brespat Ms. Brigitte Breton Mrs. S. Breuer Mr. Michael A. Brigante Mrs. Audrey Briggs Mrs. Bernice G. Brisbois Mr. Trevor R. Brisebois Mr. Jim Bristow Mr. George C. Britton Ms. Beatrice L. Brodie Ms. Rima Brodie Mrs. Jan Broekhof Mr. Dieter Broese Mr. David Bromberg Ms. Laurine B. Bromley Mr. Leib Broner Mrs. Diane Bronstein Ms. Naomi Brooks Mr. Steve Bros* Mr. David Brothman Mr. Alan Brown Mr. Aubrey Brown Mr. and Mrs. Avrom Brown Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brown Mr. Derek A. Brown Ms. Dorothy E. Brown Mr. George Brown Ms. Glenis Brown Ms. Jill A. Brown Mrs. Joy Brown Mrs. Shirley M. Brown* Mr. Douglas A. Brownridge Mr. David T. Bruce Ms. Maria Bruckler Ms. Helen S. Brunning Ms. Helen Brunswick Ms. Marie E. Bryan Mrs. Beatrice Buchanan Ms. Dora Buck Ms. Vandy R. Buck Ms. Gladys Buckler Mrs. Elizabeth Buday Mr. Stan Buday Mr. Philip Budd Mr. Nanlal Budhooram Ms. Djurdjica Budic Ms. Lorena Bueno Ms. Bich Bui Mr. Raymond D. Buissinne Mr. Darren Bull Ms. Bernice S. Bullions Ms. Matilda L. Bullock Mr. Thomas Bullock Mario and Doreen Buna Ms. Julia F. Bungaro Mr. Francisco G. Buning Mr. Karl Burger

Mr. Drummond E. Burgess Miss Ann E. Burke Ms. Christine Burn* Mr. David Burnes Ms. Helen A. Burnham Ms. Nancy Burns Ms. Rosanne Burns Mr. Tim Burns Mrs. Myrtle Bursey Mr. Bernard Burton Burton's Fine Dining Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Elmar A. Busch Ms. Rhoda Butt Miss Muriel Butterfield Mrs. Faye Button Ms. Elizabeth Byatt C.A. Associates C.O.B. Sheppard Rehabilitation Centre Mr. William Cabrita Mr. Edmund F. Cachia Mr. Edmand J. Cade Ms. Leslie Cadeau Ms. Joyce Cadogan Miss W.M. Caesar Ms. Maria Caetano Ms. Linda M. Cahill Ms. Christine Cairns Mr. Ralph Calcagno Mrs. Koula Callis Mr. Thomas A. Calwell Mrs. Maria C. Camara Ms. Jelisaveta Camarata Mrs. Dorelle Cameron Ms. Heather A. Cameron Mr. Joseph B. Cameron Ms. Bonnie L. Camick Ms. Ruth Cammalleri John and Anna Campacci Mrs. Nicolina Campacci Campacci Construction Mr. Alister Campbell and Ms. Colleen A. Mahoney Mr. David Campbell Miss Jeane Campbell Mr. Robert S. Campbell Mrs. Ruth L. Campbell Mrs. Lilian N. Campo Mr. Natalino Campoli Canadian Orthodontic Laboratories Limited Mr. Colin Canavan Mr. John P. Cannon Ms. Kathleen E. Cannon Ms. M. C. Cannon Miss Jennie Capesky Capitol Buildings Mr. Gary Caplan Ms. Sylvia Caplan Ms. Gabriella Capobianco Mr. Matthew Cappucci Ms. Elda Caprelli Mrs. Lidia Cardinale Mr. Plinio Cardoni Mrs. Audrey R. Carefoote Ms. Annemarie Carere



YHR Winter 2001 layout


Ms. Adriana Carinci Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carlisle Mrs. Elizabeth Carman Ms. Candace L. Carnell Ms. Rose Caron Ms. Dorothy Carr Ms. Angelina Carrabs Mrs. Giuseppina Carrello Mrs. Rita Carret Paule and Marc Carrier Mr. Lisandro Carrillo Miss Anne P. Carroll Ms. Linda A. Carroll Ms. Tracey Carroll Mrs. Annette Carson Ms. Doris E. Carter Mr. Joseph Carter Ms. Justine S. Cartier Mrs. Doris Carty Mrs. Carmina Carvalho Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Casagrande Ms. Susan E. Caskey Mr. James Casserley Mrs. Patricia M. Cassidy Mr. Peter A. Cassidy Mr. Joseph Castrilli Mr. Joseph Catricala Chris and Effie Catsioulis Mrs. Helen C. Caulfield* Ms. Siobhan M. Cavanaugh CECEBE Technologies Inc. Ms. Karen P. Ceifets Johnny and Dolores Cella Mr. Wei Hua Cen Ms. Fanny G. Ceresney Cesare Garage Ltd. Santo and Connie Cesario Mr. J. M. Chabot Richard and Joan Chaffe Ms. Patricia Chaikoff Eli and Shirley Chalouh Mrs. Judy Chambers Mrs. Elaine Champagne Ms. Mireille Champagne Mr. and Mrs. Alex Chan Mrs. Angela Chan Ms. Eva Chan Ms. Lai-Ping Chan Ms. Lana Chan Ms. Lee-Form Chan Mrs. Mei W. Chan Mr. Ming Y. Chan Mrs. Sally Chan Mr. Tung Chan Mr. Benedict Y. Chang Mr. James Chang Jen-Dao and Sue-Ming Chang Murray and Deborah Chant Ms. Martha J. Chapman Mrs. Susan J. Chapman 58

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Ms. Valerie Chapman Ms. Sandra J. Charles Miss Betty Charlesworth Mrs. Domenica J. Charlton Mr. and Mrs. Edward Charney Mr. Gerald Charney Ms. Susan Charron Ms. Pamela Chasmer Ms. Elizabeth Chasson Mrs. Saturnina ChavezDalley Mr. Sreng Chea Christopher Chen and Gisella Agusta Mr. David Chen Dr. Jerome C. Chen Mr. Shi Yi Chen Mr. Kwok C. Cheng Mr. Peng-Seng Cheng Mr. Ruben Cheng Lucy and Henry Chenier Ms. Regina H. Cheong Mrs. Maggie Cherayil Mrs. Anna Cheszes Chi Cheung and Kin Y. Tchao Mr. Chu C. Cheung and Ms. Pui Y. Kwok Ms. Cynthia Cheung Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Cheung Mr. King-Yan Cheung Ms. Margaret Cheung Mr. Ping Sun Cheung Mr. Steven Y. Cheung Miss Ida M. Childs Ms. Johanna A. Chilver Ms. Sheila Chin Ms. Ann Marie Chin-Fee Ms. Nancy Chinfen Dr. Gemma M. Ching Dr. Brian C. Chisamore Dr. Victor ChiversWilson Ms. Gene Chodos Mrs. Young-Ae Choi Mrs. Shook C. Chong E. J. Chorlton and Frances Chorlton Mr. Michael Chornopesky* Mr. Eric Chow Mrs. Kexin Chow Mrs. Mary Chow Mr. Sam Chow Mrs. Shuet Y. Chow Mr. Lucien Chretien Mrs. Anne M. Christian Mr. Charles E. Chu Mr. Keith K. Chu Ms. Louanna H. Chu Ms. Jenny L. ChuSteinberg Ms. Puay-Lau Chua Ms. Elizabeth Chubb Ms. Wai Fong Chui Ms. Margaret H. Chung Ms. Yvonne Chung Ms. Carol Churchill Mrs. Shirley Churchmack


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