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Store Manager Cover Letter

Store Managers are in charge for managing stores and their staff. Their role is to make sure daily operations run smoothly and sales targets are attained. Typical Store Manager duties include: setting sales targets, developing strategies to increase profit, managing customer service, organizing shifts, recruiting and hiring new staff, ordering merchandise, motivating and disciplining employees, maintaining sales records, allocating budgets, and reporting to senior management.

Based on our selection of cover letter examples for Store Manager, the most sought-after skills for this position are:

  • Selling skills
  • Leadership
  • Managerial abilities
  • Organization and planning
  • Commercial awareness
  • Stamina and resilience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Math and budgeting
  • Computer literacy

Comparable Store Manager qualifications can be checked in the cover letter sample displayed below.

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Dear Ms. Lopez:

When I saw your posting for a Store Manager, I was eager to forward my resume for your review. As an experienced and highly successful retail manager with strong leadership and interpersonal abilities, as well as a proven track record of directing all aspects of store operations to continually improve sales and customer service results, I am prepared to significantly contribute to Red Skate in this role.

My background includes leading operations, teams, and sales / merchandising strategies to drive business and customer service success for high-volume store locations. From leading staff training and development programs to ensuring financial accountability to established budgets and P&L guidelines, I excel at propelling sales and revenue growth, managing top-producing teams, and achieving challenging corporate goals.

Highlights of my experience include…

  • Directing day-to-day operations, financials, store relocations / openings, and team building efforts, driving business success and goal achievement.
  • Excelling in consecutive leadership roles for The Jolly Rancher in 11 different store locations across 3 cities, spearheading all operations and up to 55+ employees; exceeding sales to budget by 10.4% while staying under target in labor hours vs. budget.
  • Ability to maintain up-to-date understanding of consumer trends in order to develop appropriate product mix, liaise effectively with a diverse client base, and provide the best possible training to enhance staff knowledge base and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate routinely with corporate leadership to ensure continually profitable operations within existing standards.

My skills in staff / operations management and dynamic sales leadership within challenging retail environments are proven, and I am confident my additional strengths will readily translate to your environment. The chance to offer more insight into my qualifications would be most welcome. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Kristin M. Blair

Work in retail sales can be rewarding, with potential advancement to store manager, but the hours aren’t the usual nine-to-five of the business world. If you enjoy working with people and sharing your product knowledge, make sure to emphasize those skills in your cover letter.

Job Responsibilities & Duties

A sales associate is often responsible for assisting the customer from greeting them when they enter the store to processing payment for the sale. In large stores, sales associates should have a thorough knowledge of the layout and where products are located, and in specific sales, such as an electronics store, they need product knowledge. Additional responsibilities include stocking the shelves, taking inventory and pricing items.

Retail store managers or assistant managers often work their way up from the sales floor. Responsibilities include supervision of staff, merchandising and budgeting. They hire, fire and train employees with the end goal of assembling the best possible sales team and are responsible for meeting sales goals and the smooth operation of the store.

Education & Training

A high school diploma or GED is usually the minimum educational requirement for a sales associate. Most retail sales workers are provided with training related to customer service, store policy and how to operate the cash register.

A bachelor’s degree in a business-related field is often required for a store manager position, but not always. Some organizations have their own managerial training programs and others promote from within.

Salary Expectations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for May 2012:

Retail salespersons made a median hourly wage of $10.15. The lowest 10 percent made less than $8.09. The top 10 percent earned more than $18.73. Depending on the store or department, some sales associates also earn a commission on sales.

Parts salespersons (auto parts) had a higher median hourly wage of $14.21 for the same time period, with the lowest 10 percent making less than $8.96 and the top 10 percent making more than $23.93.

First-line supervisors, including store managers, earned an average annual salary of $40,910.

Even if you don’t have actual retail experience, you probably already have experience interacting with and assisting others that you can mention. If you have specific product knowledge, include that too.


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